Monday, 11 October 2021

Is this going to be a waste of time ?


Is this going to be a waste of time ?


Google Blogger was once a great platform but the geeks destroyed it and turned it into the biggest social media failure. In the good old days when I first used it, that was in 2016, I never got less than one huindred readers a day, sometomes I topped the one thousand. But then after Google updated it and built failure into the system, right across the system, I was lucky if I ever hit ten in a day.

I have tried to use it a few times and have given up. Here I a, trying again.

It is not that I am wanting to use Blogger to promote my writing challenge but to raise awareness of the good causes I am not using the writing to support.

Another couple of months and YEAR TWO of my challenge to become the most prolific writer of Amazon e-books will end. YEAR THREE will then start.

The challenge is from Wednesday 1stJanuary 2020 to 31st Saturday December 2022 I will write: A minimum of 150 e-books Wrapped into a minimum of 3,500,000 words.

I probably am already the most prolific writer but will not snatch the title until Sunday 1st January 2023. On that day I am going to add an additional year - yeart four - where I try to promote and sell the books I have written from which I will use the royalties to support good causes close to my heart.

I am already doing this but am not actually in the process of any major promotion if you know

what I mean.

Each day I am signing SMILE cards which I am sending to families with a child sick in hospital. I am sending these via Ronald McDonald Houses ion different countries of the world. I am calling this THE SUN NEVER SETS ON RONALD McDONALD.

When Rebekah died she left it in her will that we should support Ronald McDonald Houses. My family was one of the first to stay in the very first Ronald McDonald House in England.

Starting on 3rd November 2021 which is my seventy-first birthday I am launching PLANT A TREE 'TIL SEVENTY THREE where I will fund one tree every week for the rest of my life to be planted by The National Trust. In support of this I have published both in e-book and traditional paperback format a book under that title. PLANT A TREE 'TIL SEVENTY THREE

And here we have the perfect confirmation of the idiot geek failings at Google Blogger. The system will not alloow me to format the picture in line with the text. IDIOTS.

PLEASE would you have a look at my Amazon Profile - CLICK HERE and encourage me in my writing challenge ?

You can boy a book or two if you want but that is NOT what I am asking. I am seeking your support and words of encouragement as I am coing towards the end of the second year of the challenge.

I know I can not count on Goggle's support !

But will you encourage me ?

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