Tuesday, 12 October 2021

FAILURE - Google or Me ?


Is it Google that is the failure or is it me ?

Two things about yesterday 's blog:

Google does not use a spell checker ! The old system used to but the update does not !

However, yesterday I had the grand total of FIVE people read the blog complete with all the Google inspited typo's !

LIFE IS A TYPO - If you do not make any then you are not living it fast enough.

That, my friends, DOES NOT apply to the geeks at Google !

I write stories across many genre but liove stories are not quite my thing. However, I did dabble with something I called What Are We Going To Tell The President. It sat about for ever
then I used it partly within my book THE KEY IS THE ANSWER published on 6th July. I am thinking now that I may take it and hange things a little to write The Tennessee Waltz.

My writing challenge to date stands at:

2,268,860 words written with 66 books written

By 31st December 2022 I need to hit:

 A minimum of 150 e-books

Wrapped into a minimum of 3,500,000 words 

I think I am on target OK.

What do you think ?

Yesterday I sold 76 e-book downloads.

As a bit of research for IN THE FOOTSTEPS OF SAMMY LEON I went to look at the site of
the former Bletchley Park Pavilion. 

I am still struggling with what I found.


No !


I am going to have to alert the authorities today. When I have finished writing this blog I am going to write to all Milton Keynes Councillors representing the area. Will they take any notice ?  I do not know.

Ley me shatre some pictures i took yesterday:

Way short of its glory days !

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