Saturday, 22 May 2021

We're DOOMED !

Saturday 22nd May, will today there be more rain, wind and low temperatures than we endured yesterday on Friday 21st May ?  This weather pattern is utterly bonkers ! Isn’t may supposed to be a moth of sunshine, warmth and the dawn of summer.

What is going on ?

Climate change, global warming, Armageddon, the end of the world that is what is happening. 


Experts say it  is too late to reverse climate change. The government is coming up with big

ideas about electric cars and banning gas boilers but surely there are more basic things we can all do, basic things you and I can do right now in May 2021.

You know how food outlets have a food hygiene rating, could we put pressure on the government to introduce a carbon footprint rating for every single public building ?  I have in the past named and shamed some buildings within Milton Keynes which I have described as climate cowboys. We need to raise the shaming to a higher and more public level. Could we count on the media to help such a

campaign ?  Don’t be silly !  The media is not going to campaign against its advertisers is it - no way ?

Plant a tree in ’73. Plant some more in ’74. I am old enough to remember that government campaign from the 1970’s but it was not about climate change, nobody back then knew anything about global warming. It was about England’s green and pleasant land. All very nice but almost fifty years later England has the lowest tree population by area in all of Europe. We are starting to hear about plans for everyone to plant a tree for the Queen’s Platinum Jubilee. Great but way too little and far too late. We need NOW to immediately plant ten trees for every single person in the country. Even that number would leave ample space to plant more.

When Milton Keynes was being built in the 1970’s it had a fundamental planning regulation that no building shall be taller than the surrounding trees. Milton Keynes Cowboy Council along with the likes of The Centre MK and The Xscape which shine lights into the night sky have not only broken the planning edict but also seek every day to destroy our world with t heir hideous excesses. How would they rate within a climate footprint rating.

Trees are the lungs of the world, climate cowboys who score low ratings within our climate footprint system should be fined very heavily indeed with the money being used to fund vast programmes of tree planting.

Supermarkets and all retail outlets will have their own individual climate cowboy ratings. It is all very well charging for plastic bags at the checkouts BUT far, far more can be done. Saturday mornings in Morrissons is autism hour designed to make a more comfortable shopping environment for autistic people. In actual fact the reduced lighting and overall calmer environment is a better experience for everyone. How far does turning off excess lighting reduce the carbon footprint for a supermarket ? A little but it every supermarket did this for every hour of opening it would be a lot.

Plastic bags ?  Great but what is the point of charging for plastic shopping bags when  products on the shelves are contained in vastly excessing and no-recyclable packaging. To open many of the packaging takes a chainsaw ! We need a law which quite simply says: IF THE PACKAGING CAN NOT BE RECYCLED THE PRODUCT CAN NOT BE SOLD.

Different local authorities have different recycling systems. Product labelling is con fusing. I picked up a package for aa product sold by Morrissons under its own brand. It says in symbols this product can be recycled. It also clearly says this product can not be recycled !

Surely we need a system which quite clearly  says if the packaging can not be recycled then the product can not be sold !

Before you start to point a finger at Amazon and its packaging please note everything can be recycled. Shopping with Amazon is infinitely more climate friendly than visiting The Centre MK. Boycott the climate cowboys, shop locally and if you can not buy locally what you want then use Amazon.

Meat and the sale there of !  Factory farming of animals to be eaten by human beings is a major contribution to global warming. As a vegetarian I would also say that it is immoral to eat an animal but that is not a climate change issue. If the entire world stopped eating meat then it would be a significant way to stop destroying the planet. McDonald’s is very fond of shouting its mouth off about recycling its cooking fat into biodiesel BUT how many factory farmed animals does it murder every day ? Recyclable or not it is one of the worst offenders when it comes to excess packaging and that packaging contributing to litter in our streets.

A 50% tax on all meat products would greatly help the ever worsening situation. A £1 tax on every item of packaging used by McDonald’s and all the rest would be a good idea.

China Virus, we may or may not win the war. There is cause for optimism. However, when it comes to the far bigger war, a war of global extinction we are NOT going to win because nobody is fighting any battle.

Climate extinction, global warming, end of the world - Armageddon – BRING IT ON WE ARE DOOMED !

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