Saturday, 24 April 2021

INDIA - I love you


India my heart is bleeding for you.

India was the jewel in the drown of the British Empire, Queen Victoria was proud to be Empress of India. Britain no longer has an empire but in this new enlightened age India is the jewel in the British Commonwealth. What is happening in India right now is a pain beyond measure.

On the TV we have seen mass cremations, people trying to fond oxygen cylinders to take to hospitals in order to help save their family loved ones. More than one million new cases have been reported in India across the past three days. There was a young man, I think he was seventeen years of age, on TV yesterday, he had sat with his brother as he died and was now trying to comfort his father as death was coming his way.

Here we are in Britain excited because we can now sit outside in a pub garden !  Here we are in Britain lining up to get our hair cut. To quote a line from a song: THERE BUT FOR FORTUNE GO YOU OR I.

The message in the pandemic one year ago was PROTECT OUR NHS. Can you imagine our NHS trying to cope as India’s doctors are ?  Can you imagine our NHS without oxygen to help people to snatch a breath ?  Am I naïve in my thinking ? Why can we as a country, the mother nation of the Commonwealth, not airlift oxygen cylinders to our brothers and sisters in India ?

My heart is bleeding for India. I can not mobilise an airlift of oxygen, I have never been to India and I doubt I ever will. What can I do ? All I can do is to take the suffering people into my heart and send love.

India you are a special nation


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