Saturday, 24 April 2021

INDIA - I love you


India my heart is bleeding for you.

India was the jewel in the drown of the British Empire, Queen Victoria was proud to be Empress of India. Britain no longer has an empire but in this new enlightened age India is the jewel in the British Commonwealth. What is happening in India right now is a pain beyond measure.

On the TV we have seen mass cremations, people trying to fond oxygen cylinders to take to hospitals in order to help save their family loved ones. More than one million new cases have been reported in India across the past three days. There was a young man, I think he was seventeen years of age, on TV yesterday, he had sat with his brother as he died and was now trying to comfort his father as death was coming his way.

Here we are in Britain excited because we can now sit outside in a pub garden !  Here we are in Britain lining up to get our hair cut. To quote a line from a song: THERE BUT FOR FORTUNE GO YOU OR I.

The message in the pandemic one year ago was PROTECT OUR NHS. Can you imagine our NHS trying to cope as India’s doctors are ?  Can you imagine our NHS without oxygen to help people to snatch a breath ?  Am I na├»ve in my thinking ? Why can we as a country, the mother nation of the Commonwealth, not airlift oxygen cylinders to our brothers and sisters in India ?

My heart is bleeding for India. I can not mobilise an airlift of oxygen, I have never been to India and I doubt I ever will. What can I do ? All I can do is to take the suffering people into my heart and send love.

India you are a special nation


Tuesday, 20 April 2021

My 2021 writing challenge - this is where I am right now

I and many tens of thousands of writers have stopped using Google Blogger since it changed its style giving a mess which is a fading shaddow of its former self. However, I am writing today bringing my 2021 writing project upto date and formally laying out what I have thus far achieved.

Yesterday I published nook number twenty-two on Amazon – DAVE’S POETRY VOLUME TWO. This now brings my total to twenty-two. Barbra Cartland’s world record stands at twenty-three, I am now one short of that record. My target is to publish twenty-four works. I think I need to upwardly change my target. Would fifty publications be too ambitious ?

Keeping a daily running total of the words I write I have added everything up to 582,004 words but checking everything out month by month and book by book I have written 612,413 words – that is an average of 5,567 words a day. Multiply by 365 days = 2,031,955 words. Obviously I need to up my original challenge from one million words.


The challenge I have set myself is to publish 24 e-books on Amazon within which I wrap one million words. When I hit three quarters of a million words which at tis rate will be 14th May that is when I will revise my target.


Top selling authors on Amazon earn in excess of £250,000 a month. I am not a top selling writer and while to be such would be nice that is not my ambition. My ambition is to become the mot prolific writer on Amazon and to have such recorded in The Guinness Book of Records.


Assuming my adding up is correct this is the status quo:


The Retro Eighties – 22,328

L’Escargot Albert – 12,981

Aliens In Time – 11,190

In Search Of The Leons – 24,716

Jukebox Jury – 22,402

Dave’s Diary – 38,853

Milton Keynes A Disco For A New City – 8,883



By The Pricking Of My Thumbs – 13,193

Behind The Noose Or Not – 28,648

The Secret Diary Of An Old Man Age Thirteen And Three Quarters – 14,297

Down And Out In Milton Dreams – 12,814

Poets Corner – 36,823

Dave’s Diary – 34,201

A Staircase Of Words – 16,437

TOTAL BOOKS 7  - WORDS  156,413

MARCH 2021

If Music Be The Food Of Love Play On – 7,800

This House Believes – 6,755

Dave’s Poems - 9,221

Interviews In Time - 18,344

Who Needs A Pub To Have A Quiz - 35,030

Destiny’s Servant - 20,582

Dave’s Diary  - 53,514

TOTAL BOOKS 7 -  WORDS: 151,246

APRIL 2021

Dave’s Poetry Two – 7,853



Fires Of Hell – 4,200

Almanac Of Smiles – 26,948

MIT Case Files – 21,395

Dave’s Diary – 58,366

4 books – 110,909 words


Poets Corner Two – 22,712

Poets Corner Three – 21,927

2 books  - 44,639

WORDS: 612,413 GRAND TOTAL – 22 books

Rating books 0 to 5 stars myself I would award:

The Retro Eighties ***

L’Escargot Albert **

Aliens In Time*

In Search Of The Leons*****

Jukebox Jury***

Dave’s Diary*

Milton Keynes A Disco For A New City***

By The Pricking Of My Thumbs**

Behind The Noose Or Not ***

The Secret Diary Of An Old Man Age Thirteen And Three Quarters***

Down And Out In Milton Dreams****

Poets Corner****

Dave’s Diary *

A Staircase Of Words**

If Music Be The Food Of Love Play On***

This House Believes***

Dave’s Poems****

Interviews In Time****

Who Needs A Pub To Have A Quiz***

Destiny’s Servant***

Dave’s Diary *

Dave’s Poetry Two****

I have to confess that at times the writing has been a bit tedious and a chore but right now I am really on a high ! Writing  my crime fiction novel MIT CASE FILES I just can not get the ideas out of my head and into text fast enough.

Agatha Christie is the world’s highest selling author. That said I do not like her work !  her characters are ridiculous and are not developed throughout the stories, the most unlikely plots do not change them. Those plots are nothing at all like real policing. To top it all Agatha Christie wrote for money, she was a factory production line writer.

It was in 2071 that I put out a survey asking what people considered their favourite genre of reading. The answer came back CRIME FICTION. I had never attempted this but sat down and wrote THE CASE FILES OF DAVE McDERMOTT. I have to say I really enjoyed the writing, I believe it is very different with the detective empathising with the murderer and using this as a way to help find the killer. That book was published on 9th March 2017. I followed it up with another case THE LOTTERY OF EVIL on 31st March 2020. Within this present challenge I published BY THE PRICKING OF MY THUMBS – THE DIARY OF A SERIAL KILLER on 3rd February 2021. Again the style of writing is my own and not a replication of the whodoneit usual crime fiction.

For MIT CASE FILES I am writing the book in a way I suspect no other author has ever done. These are the chapters, each on a separate case in its own right:










I need to come up with another idea so giving the book a nice round ten chapters.

I am working on all chapters simultaneously, dipping in an out of each as the mood takes me and ideas flow. So far I have written 21,399 words and expect the book to finish up around 70,000 words. I would like to think it will be finished by the end of the month but somehow I doubt it. I do not want to rush it

Crime fiction centres around murder and some of my stories within MIT CASE FILES are murders but I have deliberately delved into other areas.

THE LONE RANGER does not have a single death within it. Initially it appears to be terrorist related but terrorists kill while the criminals here deliberately avoid harming anyone.

OPERATION LETTUCE LEAF is entirely about cannabis farming, not a murder anywhere in sight.

So many real murders are drug related and yes such feature within my chapters but not in THE FOOD BANK POISONER, SINS OF THE FATHERS and a VERY BRITISH ASSASSINATION. Drugs are very much on the side of RALPH’S TENT.

Anyway that’s a summary of my writing challenge so far – Wednesday 21st April 2021 – 110 days into the 365 day challenge.