Saturday, 2 January 2021

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Saturday 2nd January 2020:

Well now the New Year is well and truly started. When it comes to getting their act together Boris and his mates are operating somewhere around 5th November, Mr Fawkes, I've got a box of matches if you need them.

So how was your Friday ?  How was the first day of 2021 for you ?  If you are reading this diary page, be it on the day I scribbled it or sometime in the future can I suggest you may like to a diary of your own. It’s fun. I am going to repeatedly suggest over the year that you do just this. As we live though such terrible times the more people who record their feelings the better. I deliberately say feelings and not activity, yes tell people what you are doing but more so tell them how you feel about it all.

With that let me share how I am feeling right now.

I went first thing this morning to Morrissons Supermarket. I needed some envelopes for Smile Cards and Smile Quiz Sheets to send to different people. The store’s website said it opened at 6am. I was there for 6am as were about half a dozen other people. The website clearly announced a 6am opening. However, the store management had not told the staff who were busy stocking shelves ahead of a 7am opening. When one guy showed staff the website via his phone we were allowed in and out via the staff entrance.

During last year, yes 2020 is last year now, I was not particularly worried for my personal safety but that has all changed now. I have always followed the government guidelines but now at the start of this new year I am worried for the safety of my health and my loved ones. I was at Morrissons deliberately early to avoid other people.

No matter what anyone may say there are people do not follow the rules, I am not talking about mass gatherings and flagrant breaches but general every-day failings. I see older people out and about not wearing masks properly, the cover their mouths but pulling masks down to expose their noses. They do not observe proper social distancing. I do not feel safe around people like this. These are supposedly vulnerable people yet they act in such an antisocial way.

I do not feel safe right now, I do not trust the government and never have as it fails to act quickly enough. Remember Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher ?  Remember he words: You turn if you want to, the lady’s not for turning !  This could be re-written: You turn if you want to but you’ll never turn as many times as Boris does !

I do hope we will see another U turn. Keep all schools closed until pupils and staff can be vaccinated. With this new strain of China Virus it is essential we lock down all gatherings where the virus can put two fingers up to mankind.  Yes, my heart bleeds for the teenagers who are having their lives ripped apart right now, important formative times destroyed by the China Virus. However, better that than their lives ended ! 

Boris wake up and U turn !

Change the subject On this day:

2nd January 1963 in The Vietnam War the Viet Cong won its first major victory.

2nd January 1974 former Hollywood actor Ronald Regan was sworn in as Governor of California.

2nd January 1981 one of the largest British police investigations ended with the arrest of Peter Sutcliffe, The Yorkshire Ripper. He died last November, a truly evil man.

Yesterday I began work on my book By The Pricking Of My Thumbs which is part of my one million words challenge for 2021. The full title of the book is By The Pricking Of My Thumbs The Diary Of A Serial Killer. I am just one thousand or so words into the introduction. That introduction is set in April 2020 and will have covid-19 aka China Virus at its centre. I’ll not say a lot more at this point other than I want to make this a very dark and sinister tale.

Last week our local pet supermarket gave me loads and loads of gifts for my Pets In Need appeal supporting the Food Bank. If families are struggling to put food on the table and are having to rely on the Food Bank they are hardly going to be able to feed pets. Boxing everything up ready to take to the Food Bank on Monday I counted seven hundred and twelve items. Isn’t that beautiful.

When lockdown first came in last year I said that I hoped we would emerge into a society with a different mindset. Instead of failure being the norm we needed failure is not an option. That did not happen and I doubt it will in 2021. What we did see in 2020 were hundreds upon hundreds of small acts of kindness and love. I am not talking about those the media snatched hold of and manipulated for its own agenda but small, genuine and personal acts of love. Acts of love like those I will be taking to the Food Bank on Monday.

Yesterday I wrote a total of 4,896 words towards my one million challenge. I’ll talk more about the total in days to come. Today I want to spend time writing quiz and wordsearch sheets to send out to care homes – residents and staff, NHS staff and key workers. I am going to write a quiz SALUTING OUR SERVICEMEN and a wordsearch CALENDAR GIRLS (AND BOYS). As I write a quiz I pop it into the book I expect to publish for Easter: WHO NEEDS A PUB TO HAVE A QUIZ.

Nine hundred ninety-nine words here written for today’s diary entry. Time to sign off I guess. Time for YOU to start writing your diary.

Speak again tomorrow

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