Sunday, 20 December 2020

We now need BIGGER kisses

Get your kisses ready.

The plan was to look at the support being offered as of Friday 18th December then decide how to proceed with NHSKisses ready for 1st January 2021. I was intending to share today my thinking that everything go ahead but not asking the hospitals to do anything as pressures on them was building. I would write the books and try to draw support around me.

Then everything was turned upside down yesterday.

Throughout there has always been the message PROTECT OUR NHS but with the current wave, the new strain and a very uncertain start to 2021 it is clear that we have NOT protected our NHS.

The last thing any hospital can now do is to work with a writing project trying tio raise finds for its work. Having slept on things I want here today to put forward a new strategy, a new and wider strategy but a much nore simple one.

At the centre will remain our NHS and hospitals. I have picked out thirteen with which I have a particular connection. Anyone at any tine can add a hospital to the project.

I will write a minimum of one million words in a minimum of 24 books across 2021. A personal target, however is 30 books and one and a half million words.

Every time I publish a book I will make a personal donation to a hospital and will invite supportes to do the same.

However, there is more, far more, to support than money. In addition to giving money I want our kisses to pick out and show love to individual people at all levels worjing in the hospitals. This can start with our SMILE card and move to some gifts of love such as bozes of chocolates, cakes and other goodies.

I want to extend the Smiles and Kisses to care homes. We have our quiz sheets we can send to residents. I will set up the books You Never Grow Old With Rock And Roll - Swinging Through The Sixties and Life Is A Disco So Dance into paperback format so we can give these to residents.

I have been getting my Mum and Dad (95 & 92)  to write doen some of their memories. IF we can build a strong relationship with a care home or two we can ask residents to write their own memories.

This is a year long project so we will simply start with the SMILE cards and move forward as opportunities and invitations permit.

Sending SMILE cards to families with a child sick in hospital, families in countries round the world did not get off the ground then the first lockdown brought an end to it all.

Unlike the SMILE card which are anonymous these cards have simple messages of love - KISSES - written on the rear.

Every month we will send cards to a different hospital round the world. Anyone can take cards for their family to sign and I will be putting different people on the spot asking their families to sign cards.

Last time round I invited both The Mayor of Milton Keynes and The Mayor of Newport Pagnell to sign cards. BOTH trashed the love, failed to respond and binned both the blank cards and the reply envelopes I sent to them. Milton Keynes Citizen and BBC Three Counties Radio also showed their lack of love. The list goes on with business having 
their HQ in Milton Keynes: Domino Pizza, Santander Bank, Network Rail and Argos. I asked EVERY High Commissioner and Ambassador represneting a country within the project to sigbn cards. Again each and every one of them TRASHED the love, binned the cards and the reply envelopes.

This time I will not waste time on those who spend all their time playing to the gallery. That is not love and we do not need their kisses. We need REAL people with REAL love. People like you.

While the NHS remains at the centre of everything, I want to invite people to throw kisses to other people who are going the extra mile to support society in these hard times, times which are going to get harder during 2021.

We have some amazing people and amazing organisations doing some amazing things. Let's blow kisses to them all.  We do not need to replicate what they are doing but to show them love with SMILES and KISSES saying THANK YOU.

Yestraday I spoke about my best friend Doggie Jake and his part of the 2021 writing project - Jake's Doggie Blog. Within his blog I am going to give Jake a little job to do. Before I quit playing music on the radio I broadcast a DISCO OF LOVE. From this a local pet supermarket donated FIVE HUNDRED tins of dog food to be given out at a food bank distribution centre.

If a family is struggling to feed its members during these difficult times then this included it doggie.

In the New Year Jake will be taking a tray of dog food to the Food Bank distribution centre at The Frank Moran Centre.

Jake will be inviting your doggie to contribute to DOGGIES IN NEED. Please be generous so Jake can write a big chapter in his Doggie Blog.

Doggies blow kisses you know. So do pussycats.

The books will remein at the centre of the project as will our NHS. For every book I write and publish I will, make a donation to a hospital. I will be inviting you to do the same.

It does not matter if what I write is rubbish or genius, the target is to beat the world record of Barbra Cartland. HOWEVER, I am not looking for personal applause and to be chased by the media. In early 2022, if I have beaten the reciord we can then get it added to the Guinness Book of Records. Right now the books are to genrate the kisses and smiles.

I want to sell books, lots of them, but not to fill my pockets. EVERY SINGLE PENNY of royalties, 70% of the cover proce for an e-book, will fund kisses and smiles - from putting stamps on enveklopes to post SMILE cards to giving a box of chocolates to ward staff in a hospital.

Publications I have planned for JANUARY 2021 include: In Search Of The Leons. Retro Eighties. L'Escargot Albert. Quadrilogy.

Aliens In Time. The Bridge House. In Search Of the Leons and The Bridge House being republications.

Will you spend a few pennies to buy an e-book ?

While I am not going to refuse support from the media such is fickle and with its own agenda, particular the BBC. 

Something I often say is THE WAVE OF LOVE FLOWS IN BOTH DIRECTIONS. We are all having a hard time but it is for our teenagers that my hear bleeeds more than any others. They are having the most important and formative years of their lives ripped apart. I want anyione and everone to use THE SUNSHINE SMILE

CREW to promote what we are doing but I want to invite teenagers to take charge.  I will, be approaching one specific school in the New Year to take the lead then trying to roll it out to others. Do you have teenagers in your family who could help ?

My thinking is to give this important part of our society something positve to do, something they can puit their minds to within the chaos. So ething they can tell their own children and grandchildren about.

My next blood donor session will be 15th February. The pandemic crashed TEEN HERO MK recruiting 17 year olds to sign up as donors. Sending KISSES TO OUR NHS I want us to encourage as many people as we can to become donors.

Are you a blood donor ?

There's a lot there but it is simple. Each day I will write a diary page here on Google Blogger which monthly I will publish as an e-book then at the end of the year put everything into a paperback, the paperback which will end this project.

If this project is going to work we have to keep everything simple and easy, easy to engage other prople to bring in  their support.

Between now and Monday 28th December I will put everything into a revised website NHS KISSES

We can then hit the grpound running at one second past midnight on Friday 1st January 2021.


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