Saturday, 26 December 2020

Mega Moment

I speak all the time about my 4am moments.  Fourv in the morning as I start to wake up and into my head come ideas and inspiration. WEell today - SUNDAY 27th DECEMBER 2020 has been a MEGA BIG STUPENDOUS MOMENT. But more of that in a moment.

Here is a photograph from DREAMSAI showing our SMILE card in a hamper box delivered yesterday. Ebery week Dreamsai takes round 100 boxes to those in need. This week our SMILE card joined the love.

I have finished writing a fun quiz AROUND THE WORLD IN EIGHTY DAYS which will be added in the New Year. I just have to print off copies and then we are in business.

The task then is to come up with something each week.

Onwards and upweards.

OK 4am.......

I have spent Christmas working on a website for our writing project and how the scribble I

intends to produce throughout 2021 wil generate kisses and smiles for a wide and far reaching number of sprecial, precious people. I have purchase the domain name:

I have completed the home page and almost finished the page listing my ideas for story plots:

Two of the books listed on the website as ideas are THE DEVIL USES FACEBOOK and THESECRET DIARY OF AN OLD MAN AGED THIRTEEN AND THREE QUARTERS. Actually these are was down my inspiration list, well they were u ntil 4am today !

The Devis Uses Social Media is not a satanic story but a spy tale. Basically some bad people use social media to infiltrate the minds of good people and turn them to do bad things. A bit like real life.

Before 4am this morning I thought I probably would not actually work on the project.


I have come up with the central character: THE WITCH OF THE WIRELESS.

Watch this space.

Do you remember Sue Townshend's book The Secret Diary Of Adrian Mole Aged Thirteen And Three Quarters ?  I came up with an idea which I put on the website but never took it seriously. 


This is a story I can not wait to get cracking on.

The old man will be me, well a take off on me. The old man writes to Farher Christmas asking if he could have a time machine so he could be young again.

Christmas Day and the oldman becomes the little boy Santa Claus forgot. However, his wife gives him a pillow for Christmas. A beautiful pillow with a picture of a sunset on it. When the old man goes to sleep he dreams he is young again. Each night he has a teenage adventure.

Thirteen and three-quarters ?

For me that would have been in the summer of 1964. I guess I am going to have to do some research to find out what was happening bavck then.

Hang on a moment while I check out the number one hit for 1st August 1964.

And it was...................

1964 - I used to wear polo neck shirts back then. I tried to buy one on Amazon earlier in the year but the world's retail giant did not know what I was talking about. However, Maureen
found a polo neck jumper which she gave me for Christmas. I am wearing it now as I write. I wonder if this will be my own special time machine !

Today I will work on the NHS page of the website:

I have already dug up some Doctor - Doctor jokes to add to its support generating area on the website.

Doctor, doctor, will I be able to play the violin after the operation ?

Yes, of course

Great !  I never could before !


Doctor, doctor I feel like a carrot.

Well don't get yourself in a stew about it !

On the website everyday there is SMILE OF THE DAY. Every day, every visitor to the website is challenged to make someone smile. Every smile generated will inspire me to write more.

There are lots of pages within the website seeking to generate simles for different groups of people.

One of the first books to be published within the challenge is IN SEARCH OF THE LEONS - a republication of our 1991 book.

Sir John Leon wrote the original introduction and that opens the new republication.

Sir John is better known s the actor John Standing. Earlier in the week I wastched on TV THE EAGLE HAS LANDED where he was playing opposite Michael Cain. Yesterday I watched TINKER TAILOR SOLDER SPY where our Chief leonite was playing opposite Alec Guinness.


We are all having a hard time thrying to get through this pandemic but it is for the teenagers
that my heart bleeds. I am going to enter a tinme machine and go back to 1964. Fast forward to when today's teenagers are seventy, would they want to come back to 2020 ?

I have made regular visits to Oakgrove School over the year and will be going there as soon as term starts. When you walk into the reception area you can see our SMILE card on display. I will now be taking the school one of my quizzes - a quiz for teachers. I am working on a project ASK YOUR GRANDDAD ibspiring teenagers to write to their grandparents - Granddad and Granny - asking them what life was like when they were teenagers.

Let's have something from the teenagers at Oakgrove School shall we ?

Take it away guys and girls:

What do you think to that Granddad ?

How many days of 2020 left ?


I must get trhe website finished asap so I can at least have one chill out day before I hit the writing project to write a minimum of one million words and publish a minimum of twenty-four books so breaking Barbra Cartland's world record.

A world record which I want through the website:

To blow kisses of love to as many people as possible and for those kisses to make people SMILE:

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