Monday, 28 December 2020


Before I quit the radio station, in October I broadcast a show A DISCO OF LOVE thanking those who are going the extra mile in these difficult times.

From this Jolleyes Pet Supermarket donated FIVE HUNDRED tins of dog and cat food to The Food Bank.

Yesterday I received an e-mail saying over Christmas Jolleyes had held a collection for Pets In Need. As soon as the store opens at 9am this morning I will pick these gifts of love up and take them to the food bank at The Frank Moran Centre.


In these hard times dogs and cats in our homes have been doing a special job. They have been giving out vast love to their friends, friends who are suffering anxiety and depression.

The Food Bank is being innundated with requests for help. If a family is struggling to put food on their tables then they are having issues feeding their loving cats and dogs. Those five hundred tins of dog and cat foof flew off the distribution tables at The Frank Moran Centre.

Working on our website - -  I will today be writing the PETS IN NEEDS page.

How fortunate I did not work on that page yesterday !

NOPE, I am not a radio DJ any more ! BUT I am proud of all the music achieved.

Did you know that when Freddie Mercury sang RADIO GA GA  he was having a go at radio broadcasting - empty radio with no heart in the music.

Primarily he was having a dig at Radio One - RADIO ONE WE KILLED POP MUSIC !

Could you imagine Radio MINUS One inspiring love for pets in need ?  Its presenters are paid stupid money yet have no choice about what they play, that is dictated from above. The presenter does not have to think, he does not even have to push the faders up and down ! It was Radio One that made Bohemian Rhapsody but by the time of Radio Ga Ga all had changed !

Well there is no GA GA - GOO - GOO where ihe love Jolleyes is giving. No GA-GA-GOO-GOO in the music I played !

THANK YOU.........................

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