Tuesday, 22 December 2020

Let's be festive

For the first year in a long while I have not published a music advent calendar on YouTube, I don't know why 1st December justr came and went. A bit like the reast of 2020 The Year That Never Was.

So can I today share some of my Christmas favourites ?

Somebody give me a nudge in November 2021 and remind me to start my YouTube Advent Calendar. What tier will we all be in then ?  One thing is for certain we will not be out of the pandemic, not by a long way. I wouldn't mind betting trade negotiations will still be going on with the european dictatorship.

November 2021, with Google Blogger have sorted out the mess they have made with this bit of social media ? I doubt it. Google admit it is a mess but couldn't care less about we cust omers, we users !

So what shall I play  as our first bit of Christmas music ?  I am a bit of a secret punk rocker so let's have The Pogues and A Fairy Tale Of New York.

As part of our ONE MILLION KISSES project I have written a Quiz Fior Cops. I will be taking ciopies tiogether with our SMILE CARDS and boxes of New Year sweets to the police station in January to wish all a Happy New Year. 

What's the next song ? How about a bit of Country. Jim Reeves and A Mery Christmas Polka.

Now specially for my LEONITES here is Mr Abbott's favourite piece of Christmad music. He used to sing this as he danced down the corrissor in his black cape. (Well he did in my imagination)

That was a bit  of fun wasn't it ?  NO, it was a LOT of fun.

Change the mood again. Here is the most  beautiful recording of the most beautiful carol ever written.

I defy you not to have a tear in your ear as you listen to that beautiful rendition.

I have always said that German is the best language to listen to any song in, there is something about its tone that makes it special. Here's is something in that wonderful language:

Dating back nearly forty years the most listened to pice of Christmas music is, of course, Do They Knmow It's Christmas:

Christmas 2020, how many people round the world know it's Christmas ? I have enough food in my home to last until Christmas 2021 and longer. How many people can say the same ? The whole world needs feeding.

Something more I am always saying. If you feed a person's belly that does not stop them being hungry. You also need to feel their minds but even then they are still hungry. Only when you also feed their heart with love will the hinger go away.

This yerar feed the belly of people you know, feed their minds and feed their hearts with love.

Now I am going to play something from Boney M. Why am I playing this ?  Because I like Boney M and I like the song, so I need any other reason ?

I have already played Silent Night and I have said that German is the most beautiful language when it comes to singing. Here is Silent Night sung not only in German but alo in five other languages.

Now here is something special. Here is something VERY special. Those who know me will know just whyb this is so special. Special - Incredible - Fantastic - Beautiful - Amazing. No matter how many Chrsitmases come and no matter how many will go this will always be so important to me.

In  three days tine it will be Christmas. Yes it will be. One week it will ne New Year.

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