Thursday, 3 December 2020


My plan today was to share a bit of fun for LEONITES as I continue my research ahead of re-publishing IN SEARCH OF THE LEONS but..............

BUT Great Ormond Street Hospital has been in contact. It is going to be a part of  our 2021 NHS KISSES  project. 4.33am, I am sitting here with the laptop and  I am flaoting high on a cloud.

I will talk more about this and other things in a moment but first here are five LEONITE TOP OF THE FORM QUESTIONS, how many can you answer ?

What variety of trees ran along the bottom of the school field ?

Lakes Estate, Fern Grove. Where will you find the lake from which the road on which Leon School is located ?

What did the black line of tiles across the width of the main corridor delineate ?

The lower school lecture theatre was not built for such a use in the architect’s plan for the school. What was its intended use ?

Mrs ?who?, former Senior Mistress of the school left to live in a religious commune ?

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Right LEONITES another five Top Of The Form questions:

Where were classrooms T1,T2,T3 & T4 located ?

What was Into Europe ?

What was the name of the Head of Lower School whose husband worked in the Diplomatic Service and left suddenly when he took up an unexpected post in Botswana ?

Where in the school was planted a tree in memory of former music teacher Mr Don Capp ?

Which English teacher claimed to have a husband who worked for the secret service ?  Actually he was an accountant and travelled round the world auditing embassy accounts.

Today I need to try to make contact with the organisers of FENNY POPPERS and try to find
out if Sir Herbert Leon ever fired one.

Sir Herbert and Lady Fanny had a lot to do with the Fenny Stratford War Memorial, today I have to try to find out if they were also involved in Bletchley War Memorial.

I will not be writing a page tomorrow as I will
be driving to Devon for a long week-end. I am going to visit tghe home of Agatha Christie as part of our 2021 NHS Kisses project. In the New Year I will be writing about Agatha in the ICONS LEGENDS AND LANDMARKS book.

Part of this book will be a joint campaign with IN SEARCH OF THE LEONS to lift Leon Bridge aka Denbigh Hall Bridge out of obscurity and restore the heritage Herbert Leon gave to this icon.

I have tried to engage with Network Rail but all communications have been ignored.

Watch this space !

LEONITES - another five questions:

Name a Milton Keynes Mayor whose children attended Leon School.

Name a second.

With which American school was Leon briefly twinned ?

Organised by Mr Garner what significance did the letters L-E-O-N take on with an expedition to The Himalaya Mountains ?

What subject did Headmaster Mr D B Bradshaw teach ?

Thank you LEONITES for your help yesterday with the names of the pubs on Serpentine

Court. I did smile when I was told that I would never have gone to Fingels Cave as that was where the sixth form hung out.

Something that I know that you didn't know I knew !  Have no fear this will not be included in the book !

I know that in the fifth form bets were collected in school then taken by an older looking pupil to the betting shop on Serpentine Court !

What you can now do is to spend some of your winnings: 77p, 99p, £1.99p down,oading an e-book to support Great Ormond Street Hospital. NO MESSING CLICK HERE.

Have you done that ?  OK here's another five questions for you:

With what subject would you associate Madam Barford ? (She actually lived in Wilton Avenue adjacent to Bletchley Park ?)

A subject strictly for girls only. Design For ?what?

And the boys equivalent ?

In which classroom did the writer/editor of this book operate ?

What was the original use of the staff room located on the main corridor ?

Home Farm on the Leon Estate was accessed along a simple track. The original farm is long gone although in the time of you Leonites it was the local council depot and for a time our school mini-bus was garaged there. Now it is housing on Sherwoord Drive. Bletchley Park ran all the way down to the railway line, there was no Sherwood Drive. I have it in the back of my mind that SHERWOOD is named after a former town council clerk. I am trying tro check this out. Does anybody know ?

Another five questions:

What was the original use of David Ashfiord’s office ?

Who delivered many times an assembly which he called chopsticks ?

Who was David Ashford’s head of year deputy before she also became a head of year ?

What was the first film to rattle though the 16mm Bell & Howell projector in the after school film club ?

Before Headmaster Bruce Abbott made it his office what was the original use ?

How many copies will IN SEARCH OF THE LEONS SELL  ? I am a bit disappointed with

the sales of MILTON DREAMS THE CITY THAT NEVER WAS so have my fingers very tightly crossed for this. It would be nice if we hit 1,000.

The publication date I have in my head is Friday 8th January. I am confident we can achieve this.

Sir John Leon wrote the introduction to the original IN SEARCH OF THE LEONS and those words will open the new edition. Yesterday I contacted two people at the heart of today's community sited on Leon Estate and asked them to write the concluding pages of our new book.

5.24am - I have been writing this page for an hour now. I guess I had better get a move on, finish writing and click the mouse to publish.

But first some more questions:

How many floor had the lower school tower block ?

It was never used for the purpose but what was the lower school hall designed for ?

Where was there once a rural studies department located ?

Which milkman was a governor of Leon School ?

What was the nickname of Headmaster Bruce Abbott ?

And now I'll cliock the mouse:

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