Wednesday, 30 December 2020

Chill Out Thursday

Hi there:

A very happy Thursday ....  Don't know about you but for me this is going to be CHILL OUT THURSDAY.

At one second past midnight I will be hitting the ground running with my challenge to write ONE MILLION WORDS and publish everything within a mi nimum of TWENTY-FOUR books on Amazon.

Then OUR challenge - YOUR clannenge and MY challenge to blow ONE MILLION kisses of love to people all round the world putting smiles on their faces.

Allow me to chill out and play you a piece of music. This, I believe, is the greatest piece of pop intrumental ever recorded.

It is Albatros from Fleetwood Mac.


I was seventeen years old when that was released. There is still a seven in my age but sadly it is not preceeded by the number one.

Here's another lovely piece of music to chill out to:

I love Barbados, it really is a beautiful place. One day I will go back. It ios not the palm trees, it is not the sand and the sea that make Barbados a beautiful place. IT IS THE PEOPLE. Everywhere you go people will st op y ou and say: Welcome to our beautiful island. Why do people not stop you and say: Welcpome to beautiful Milton Keynes ? Welcome to beautiful London ?  Birmingham ? 

Here's another lovely piece of music for you to chill out to. Something from Art Garfunkel.

During the one million words I will be writing during 2021 I will be wrapping some around Simon and Garfunkel of whom I am a great fan.

Something I am looking forward to chilling with today is the film GHOST. I recorded that on TV yesterday. If I stop to think about it this is probably my all-time favourite film.

Many of my stories have an element of time travel within them. If I had a time machine where would be the first place I would travel to ? Travel to and when ?

Without any hesitation I would visit Max Yasgur's dairy farm August 1969 - WOODSTOCK.

So that's today's chill out. I hope you enjoyed the music. As for tomorrow...................

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