Tuesday, 8 December 2020

Can WE set a new world record - WE not ME ?


I could do this within our NHS KISSES but I need help to administer it all. I need help to make it work.

Hospitals are being slow to respond tpo the numerous communications I am sending out inviting them to join in and so I am thinking to make a change to the way our project will operate. 

Please can I share this with you and see if we can find the help to make it work.

Things will continue much as I have originally suggested but within this I will become the world's most prolific on-line writer. A team will daily push out into social media how the work is progressing inviting people to encourage me by making donations to their local hospital. KISSES OF LOVE FOR OUR NHS

* Between 1st January 2021 and 31st December 2021 I  will write a minimum of ONE MILLION WORDS

* These words will be contained within a minimum of THIRTY e-books published on Amazon. Some will also be published in paperback format.


To become the world's most prolific on-line writer I mist:

Between 1st Januaru 2021 and 31st December 2021 I must write a minimum of 1,000,000 words and publish such o-line as e-books.


I have already produced twelve log books, one for each month, within which I will record the number of words I write in a day.

At the end of each month the record book will be given to someone undertaking the task of monitoring the challenge.

This person will check that the books the log says have been published during the month have indeed been published and the word content is correct. At the end of the challenge he/she will sign a certificate confirming the words and books.

This person needs to be somene who is respected in our community and with a record of service to that communnity. He/she could have one or two others assisting him.

All of that is easy. I can write the words, no problem there. I do not want to ditch the kisses of love and fund raising for our NHS via the hospitals. Hospitals at are incredible places of love and care, the work done I could not describe in a BILLION words. Hospitals do not treat their

patients but care for them. However, even in the best of times they are not good at reaching out to their communities and telling everyone what a fantastic job they are doing. Of all the hospitals I have contcated only one, GREAT ORMOND STREET HOSPITAL, got back to me.

With the pandemic this is understandable. Now with the mass vaccination programme dominating 2021 we have to be realistic, things are not going to work the way I had wanted.

The media has its own agenda, particularly the BBC which does not have anything local to

Milton Keynes. YES, we will continue to engage with the media but as a support base such is unreliable. Milton Keynes Citizen is being good and I do hope it will be very much on side but its influence is limited to a small group of readers.

Social media is the way forward. A slight aside.

Throughout 2020 we have all had a hoprrible time but the area of society I feel has had the hardest time is that of our teenagers. This important time has been ripped apart for so many, no for them all. My heart bleeds for them.

If social media promotion of NHS KISSES is given to our teenagers 2021 offers something and exciting to their lives. It will be something they can look back on in years to come, comething they can say to their children and their grandchildren: I WAS A PART OF THAT.

The teenagers will publicise daily what is happening and direct people to blow kisses of love to their local hospital. Each kiss will take the form of a financial donation to the hospital AND each will encourage me in the world record attempt.

OK while the tenagers will lead that does not stop you even aged one hundred and teen from being a social media man/woman. Later this week I plan to take this idea to one particular school and invite its teenagers to kick start things.


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