Saturday, 19 December 2020

BOOK FIVE - Jake's Doggie Blog


Do you have a doggie best friend living in your home ?

On 1st October 2013 Jake came to live withg my family. Life today without Jake is unimaginable. Jake the dog, Jake the dog, there's no one quite like Jake The Dog.

When Jake came to live with us he started writing a blog on-line. Although it only  lasted for a short time I do have the original text. Pronbably in Februrary Jake will work with me to take that text, add to it and produced a book for our NHS KISSES project.

Jake actually appears within the planning I am working on for a January story L'ESCARGOT ALBERT.

Jake the dog - Jake the dog - there's no one quite like Jake the dog.

Jake is busy recalling as many of his memories as he can. 

Memories which include his fame on YouTube:

Jake is a rescue dog so for him this piece of music is a bit special:

Within his blog I am going to give Jake a little job to do. Before I quit playing music on the radio I broadcast a DISCO OF LOVE. From this a local pet supermarket donated FIVE HUNDRED tins of dog food to be given out at a food bank distribution centre.

If a family is struggling to feed its members during these difficult times then this included it doggie.

In the New Year Jake will be taking a tray of dog food to the Food Bank distribution centre at The Frank Moran Centre.

Jake will be inviting your doggie to contribute to DOGGIES IN NEED. Please be generous so Jake can write a big chapter in his Doggie Blog.

Finally here's a picture of Jake with his birthday present from last October:

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