Thursday, 17 December 2020

BOOK 3 - Life Is A Novel

I am actually looking forward to 1st January 2021 so I can begin my writing marathon and not keep talking about it. Right now I am spending hours each day preparing background information which if I am honest is becoming a bit of a drag.

Anyway here is something I hope you will pick up and try for yourself.

BLOG - do you know what the word means or perhaps its origibn ?

Blog = Web Log. To write these pages I use Google Blogger - Google Blogger the biggest typo on the internet.

I actually prefer DIARY to blog - Diary is a BRITISH word while BLOG is American. 

Every day throighout 2021 I will write a diary entry and publish it here. I was planning to at trhe end of the year to bring everything into a book LIFE IS A NOVEL SO START WRITING. I will still do that but each month I will put u p an e-book collection: January, Februrary, March and so on ?

Why don't you start writing a diary ? 2021 looks as if it is going to an even more crazy year than 2020. Go on have a go.

Millions of years ago The BBC broadcast a daily radio soap Mrs Dale's Diary. One day in the New Year when I am feeling bored I may go to YouTune and check out an episode. Sad.

Not sure if I will be able to do this or not, all depends o  the sit uat ion of the virus but I may include a visit to London and walk around the area where Samuel Pepys lived and wrote.

The important thing in writing a diary is not just to record what you did and saw during the day but how it made you feel.

When I wrote my book PIP DIAMOND THE PRINCE OF ROCK AND ROLL I wrote it as a diary.

If you fancy listening to the mu sic Pip played CLICK HERE.

Have you ever read Sue Townshend's THE SECRET DIARY OF ADRIAN MOLE AGED THIRTEEN AND THREE QUARTERS. It's fun, I think I may get myself a copy. It's pure fiction with sarcasm in every word.

I have read Jeffrey Archer's  PRISON DIARY, I think I may get a copy and read it again.

Later today I am going to watch Macbeth, the Roman Polanski version which is brillinat, utterly brilliant. Shakespear's Macbeth is all about a good man being cursed by evil. 

Eight months pregnant with their first child, Roman Polanski’s muse and wife Sharon Tate was brutally murdered in the summer of ’69 by the Manson Family cult. After two years of wallowing in chronic depression and survivor’s guilt, Polanski dragged himself back into the world of film with this dark, paranoid riff on Macbeth. Remember what I said about bringing your feelings into what you write. If you watch this version you will see how Roman Polanski puts his experience right into the centre of the evil of Macbeth.

By the pricking of my thumbs something wicket this way comes.- an extract from Macbeth where the witches spy him coming

I am going to use that quote for a book I will probably write in February 2021. Fiction, this will be written as a diary - The Diary Of A Serial Killer. As with Macbeth the central character will start iout as a good and honourable man, but will be ovwertaken by evil which will fill every moment of his daily life.

But back to my diary. Every month I want to do something a bit special and to include it. When I say special, some will be ambitions while others will be silly, some will be iconic and some just utterly crazy.

It was on Wednesday 29th October 1986 that Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher formally opened Britain’s largest carpark – The M25 London Orbital Motorway. One day I plan to drive down and interview all motorists

who have been parked there since Maggie opened her handbag for a pair of scissors to cut the ribbon. 

Yesterday I bumped - socially distanced of course - into Leonite Darren who has frecently got himself an amazing classic moped. A bit like that on the left save Darren's is better, much better.

I  the New Year we are planning something I can write and put in to my diary. Actually it will be a bit of a preparation for when I start riding a motability scooter.


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