Tuesday, 22 December 2020

A quiz for cops


Yesterday I printed and laminated lots and lots of our SMILE cards ready to t ake them in the New Year to our friends in the police.

Shops  are publishing their opening hours over Christmas, the police have not published their opening hours - they are 24/7/365.

Only essential retail is open - the cops are open no matter what lock down tier we are in officers will always be on dut y.

To go with the SMILE cards I have written a quiz. You do not need to be a cop to have a bit of fun.

How many can youi answer ?

  Former star of Birds Of A Feather Pauline Quirk plays which TV detective ?

Whose call sign was Z Victor One ?

3.    In which two prisons did Oscar Wild service his sentence ?

4.   Which Tory MP and writer wrote A Prison Diary following a convict ion for perverting the course of justice ?

5.    In a TV series which cop was actually a ghost ?

6.    What was a jam-sandwich ?

7.    Which police choir sang with The Pogues ?

8.    In which year was fingerprinting introduced ? 1901 – 1920 – 1899 ?

9.    Which crime took place at Bridego Bridge south of Milton Keynes ?

10. What role did Albert Pierrepoint play in the British justice system ?

11. 1950’s TV series, what area of London did Dixon patrol ?

12. Who was executed for the A6 murder ?

13. About which crimes did Brian Masters write in his book Killing For Company ?

14. Let him have it Chris: Within which trial were these words used to find an accused guilty ?

15. Who was the policeman in Enid Blyton’s Noddy In Toyland stories ?

16. In which Gilbert & Sullivan opera was a policeman’s lot not a happy one ?

17. In which TV series would you find Detective Inspector Sandra Pullman ?

18. In which village did Agatha Christie’s character Miss Marple live ?

19. Whose wartime policing took place in Hastings ?

20. Edith Pargeter under the pen-name of Ellis Peters wrote about which Benedictine monk detective ?

21. Which American TV detective was addicted to sucking a lollypop ?

22. Who are the fictional, humorously incompetent policemen featured in silent film slapstick comedies produced between 1912 and 1917 ?

23. Sweeney Tod = The ?

24. Which TV series was based at Sun Hill Police Station ?

25. About which notorious gangland criminals did their brother write a book: Me And My Brothers ?

26. Inspector Jack Frost, what was his real Christian name ?

27. In the TV series who was  detective Dalziel’s sidekick ?

28. Serving in Northumberland and City Police who was the Detective Chief Inspector playing the central role in the TV series which ran from 2011 to 2020 ?

29. Detective Inspector Jimmy Perez maintained law and order on which island ?

30. What was a Panda ?

31. Which Labour Party Peer campaigned unsuccessfully for the parole of Moors Murderer Myra Hindley ?

32. Starring in the TV series, who sand the title music for New Tricks ?

33. Who solved the murder on the Orient Express ?

34. At which address did Sherlock Holmes live ?

35. Who sand the original version of The Laughing Policeman ?

36. Who wrote the book 10 Rillington Place telling of John Christie’s crimes ?

37. In which fictional Southern California town is the American TV series Starskey and Hutch set ?

38. I which TV series did John Thaw and Kevin Whateley feature ? (The later previously lived in Wavendon Milton Keynes)

39. In the TV series Frost who was Inspector Jack’s fishy boss ?

40. Which criminal played by Anthony Hopkins appears in the film version of Silence Of The Lambs ?

41. Having also appeared in TV series as a judge and a professional who played The Chief Constable in the 1990’s series The Chief ?

42. What was the name of the special police major crimes task force operating at the behest of the governor of Hawaii ?

43. On which fictional Caribbean island is Death In Paradise set ?

44. Which car features in the TV cop series Life On Mars ?

45. Which dog attracted the attention of Sherlock Holmes ?

46. Which amateur cleric detective did G K Chesterton write about ?

47. In which Cambridgeshire village did Detective Inspector Keating and Rev Sidney Chambers work ?

48. Private investigators Frank Hathaway and  Luella Shakespeare solve cases where ?

49. Starring Raymond Burr what was his character who was confined to a wheel chair ?

50. Of all fictional TV cop series which is claimed to be the most true to life ?

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