Thursday, 12 November 2020

Yesterday I got it woring - will you help me put it right and support our NHS ?

Yesterday I said that Agatha Christrie held the world record for publishing thwebnty-three novels in a single year.

I got that wrong ! Agatha Christie holds the record at one billion for the greatest number of books sold, it is Barbra Cartland who appears in the Guinness Book of Records for publishing 23 books in a single year.

Publishing my writing on Amazon I am well short of being a best seller but I must be one of the most prolific.

WOULD YOU HELP ME OVERTAKE BARBRA CARTLAND IN 2021 AND PUBLISH 24 E-BOOKS ON AMAZON ? Each word I write would be sponsored for our NHS via University Hospital Milton Keynes ?

If each book averaged 42,000 words that comes to 1,000,000 words. By the end of 2020 I will have written 600,000 words - an average of 1,643 words a day. To hit the million I would need to write 2,740 words each and every day.

I could do that, I know I could BUT I could not write AND manage the project's sponsorship. I would need a small team around me:

A PROJECT MANAGER - setting up a JustGiving page to receive sponsorship, managing the page and co-ordinating the overall team.

HOSPITAL LIASON - keeping in contact with University Hospital Milton Keynes as the project develops.

MEDIA MANAGER - working with the press, radio and TV to generate public support. Co-ordinating people promoting the project within those posting on social media.

CORPORATE SPONSORSHIP - generating sponsorship among business and community groups. As well as bringing in the sponsorship to also involve these groups in areas of the writing. I would like to do sone fly-on-the-wall projects so need someone to set up places and people I can visit.

If the writing is to kick off on Friday 1st January 2021 this team would need to be in place no later than Monday 14th December. None of these tasks will demand a lot of time but without the right people in place the project simplky can not happen.

ONE MILLION WORDS. I would like to set a target of £1,000 to be raised for our hospital's work. If the average gift is £5 we simply need 200 people to support us. That works out at 1p for every 10 words I write.

While I think £1,000 is a fair and reasonable target if we could generate sponsorship at 1p per word we would make £10,000 !


I have to come up with 24 writring projects. I have a few in my mind already:

LIFE IS A NOVEL SO WRITE IT - Starting on 1st January and ending on 31st December this would be my own diary of the project.

IN SEARCH OF THE LEONS - In 1991 working with a team of students from Leon School we reunbited the Leon Family with Bletchley Park. I am planning to update and republish this work in January 2021

RETRO EIGHTIES - Following on from my kiddy-kid memories of the 1950's YOU NEVER GROW OLD WITH ROCK AND ROLL, my teenage memories SWINGING THROUGH THE SIXTIES and 1970's LIFE IS A DISCO SO DANCE I am planning to give the 1980's decade teh same treatment

JAKE'S DOGGIE BLOG - When my family adopted Jake I started wiriting his story but never finsished it. Seven years since he has become the centre of my family's life I want to finish this project.

A COP IN TIME SOLVES THE CRIME - My favourite genre of writing is time travel, the most popular genre for readers is crime fiction, I plan to combine the two.

THE FIRES OF HELL - As an older teenager I loved reading the satanic writing of Dennis Wheatley - The Devil Rides Out, To The Devil A Daughter and more. I tried my hand at horror writing with THE FIRES OF HELL but could never get into it. During 2021 I need to get inton it.

FLIE ON THE WALL - When I was writing newspaper and magazine articles I used the pen-name Jonathan Flie. Flie being a corruption of Fly as in fly-on-the wall. I did all kinds of things from spending time with a craftsman thatching a roof to shaddowing a airline pilot flying from London to San Francisco, from watching the captain docking a cross channel ferry in Calais to spending time with the police from the Chief Constable to a night out in a patrol car. I want to have some regular fly-on-the-wall fun to write this book.

ALIENS IN TIME - At the start of the pandemic I began writing a story explaining how microbes bringing all kinds of dissease to mankind, from Bubonic Plague to Corna Virus, are actually aliens travelling in time.  I found I was mnaking the story line too complicated fo

r people to comprehend so set the project aside. I wantb in 2021 to pick it up, tear out the complicated bit and finish it.

IN THE YEAR 2525 - As in Zager And Evans a time travel adventure into the future.

Nine story ideas. I just need to come up with another fifteen. I am confident I can do that. I can do thye writing but I can not do the project management. I need to find a small team of friends who would give one or two hours a week actoss 2021 to support me,. WILL YOU HELP ?

Over the week-end I plan to put all of my ideas into a proper presentation and send it out to the hospital, the media, local politicians and so on to see what support they would be prepared to give. However, the REAL support I need is to have my team in place by mid-December. If I can not do this

then the project will be dead in the water. WILL YOU HELP ?

Two final thoughts:

I will continue my work as a local councillor and as chairman of the police community forum but all other causes I worked with pre-pandemic and which are not ioperating right now I will have to seat aside. HOWVER, I wil, try to draw then into the project in different ways.

I have talked abot making £1,000 for our hospital. 10 words for every 1p sponorship.

£10,000 = 1p for every word written

£1,000,000 = £1 for every word written

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