Saturday, 21 November 2020

Today's 4am LOVE FOR OUR NHS

I went to bed last night worrying what will happoen if I fail to get hositals involved in the writing project and fail to get the media onboard. Should In just give up and save face ?

During the day I had been planning the ideas I have for books and putting them into a diary. At the moment I do not have enough books to hit the target of 24. Even with twenty-four books, given that some will be short stories for children I can not possibly reach one million words in 24 books, I am going to need to write 30. 

Can I do this ?

I spent time in the evening working on my current book BILLY WESTALL. Billy os onboard Vostock 1 with Juri Gagarin. Juri is talking about food and is about to serve a meal of Russian Blini. The story which is an adventure for a teenager through the Multiverse will soon move to talk about the most widely eaten food worldwide.

Right on cue at 4am I woke with my daily serendipedy moment having an idea about food.

Born in 1950 food rationing was in place. I remember my Nan serving bread and dripping, as a little kid it was delicious but today it would be vile.

In my book NOT THE CONCRETE COWS I published a number of wartime recepies. What did people eat in the trenches of WWI ?  What was on the table in Dickensian London ?

I was born into a world without the internet and the smart phone ?  I was also born into a world without McDonald's.

Pandemic permitting I had as I awoke an idea to be a fly-on-the-wall in a kitchen, why not a hospital kitchen ?

Then as I prepared to get out of bed I had an idea for a food quiz. This is just the start.

1. I like bananas, monkey nuts and grapes. That’s why they call me ?

2. From which town did George Formby buy his stick of rock ?

3. According to Lonnie Donegan’s Father how ho you know the dustbin is full of toadstools ?

4. What will happen to you if you eat the crusts off your bread ?

5. SPAM. What do the letters S-P-A-M stand for ?

6. What will grow if you eat fish ?

7. Which vegetable gives you nocturnal vision ?

8. What food is supposedly eaten I  prison ?

9. What is the colour of the soup eaten at the Queen’s Berkshire residence ?

I will take that to a minimum of 50 questions, hopefully 100, before publication.

What are the favourite foods among celebrities ?  SOD THEM, what is the favourite food among ordinary members ?  What memories do they have.  I plan to put out a survey and drawing experiences.

I wonder what will be tomorrow's 4am moment.

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