Saturday, 7 November 2020


When CHINA Virus first hit the world I said this was an opportunity to change the ethos of society where FAILURE IS THE NORM and make it THERE IS NO ROOM FOR FAILURE. How foolish was I ? Now we have a society which says FAILURE ? BRING IT ON - LET'S HAVE LOTS MORE.

Yesterday, taking my dog for a walk, I witnessed TWO clear breaches of lock down regulations. I called the police.

I believe another 413 people in Britain were murdered yesterday by CHINA Virus with a further 24,975 new cases. It was with great difficulty that I obtained these figures. The one place I could not find them from THE BULLSHIT CORPORATION.

I have just filed a formal complaint against THE BULLSHIT CORPORATION:  BBC = BRITISH Broadcasting Corporation.  The way in which BBC News has excluded Britain and all that is happening in our country at this time to run endless rolling reports on the USA presidential elextion is utterly obscene and  disrespectful to the BRITISH public.  You have FAILED to report properly BRITISH news for day after day after day.  BBC = BULLSHIT Broadcasting Corporation. But will its FAILING operation take any notice ?  NO WAY

I have in an earlier blog said that the world needs to build an iron curtain around China. May I suggest we need to trash failure and build two more iron curtains: One around The United States and one around The BBC.


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