Thursday, 5 November 2020

The good the bad and the totally silly !

Day Two - Friday 6th November 2020

Yesterday I had a pre-booked visit to my local waste recycling tip. With the lock down coming into force I wondered if the area would still be open. With  the car loaded I headed off to see what was happening.

I could not have enjoyed a more lovely and better standard of service from the single man operating the site. What a great experience. THANK YOU. GOOD.

With the tip open during lock down I tried to book another visit for next week. Milton Keynes Council's website was a complete and utter nightmare. It has to be one of the worst websites anywhere in the world. BAD.

It was announced yesterday that Argoss is to close stores and make many people redundant. Sad. The doorbell rang, it was the postman with a delivery from Amazon, something I had ordered only the day before. Argoss charges for delivery and I have had bad experiences of their products. I was not charged for the Amazon delivery. Amazon - GOOD. Argoss - BAD. My local postman BRILLIANT - your local postman - BRILLIANT.

I think that Prime Minister Boris Johnson should check out Amazon and buy himself a watch. He called a public briefing for 6pm on television yesterday, along with millions of others I tuned in and waited. Boris buy yourself a watch. To keep the nation waiting in the way you always do is not the level of courtesey a prime minister should offer to our country. BAD.

Borris waffled, does he not understand how to lead and inspire a nation ? What was the death figure yesterday ? The BBC has this moning said it was 492 but that was the figure for the day before. Coincidence ? This is far too serious a matter to not be correctly given to the public.

When will all of this end ?  When will the world conquer CHINA VIRUS ?  My personal opinion, my personal guess is April 2022. I do hope I am wrong. What we all know is that when this present lock down comes to an end the world will be a zillion miles away from an end.

SILLY ! If this was not so serious that which is happening in America its presidential election would be the biggest comedy farce ever written. Watch this space. TOTALLY SILLY.

Writing ? Yesterday I finished the second chapter in my latest book THE KA OF TIMOTHY FORD-NEWMAN. In his dream Tim was in San Francisco in the yearv of 1967. His dream is to suddenly change and go back to May 1915, fifty-two years ago. His dream will move him from America's West Woast to Northern France.

I am trying to negotiate the geeky website of Amazon to set up my writer page. SILLY. Come on Amazon make your book publishing system as GOOD as your product delivery and sales.

Have a look at what I have done so far. CLICK HERE.

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