Friday, 6 November 2020

Reality TV

Day Three - Saturday 7th November 2020

Have you seen the latest BBC reality television show ?

Everyone knows that reality TV shows are third rate but this is one hundred and twenty-third rate !

Bullshit Broadcasting Corporation, that is how we know it but strictly speaking it is the BRITISH Broadcasting Corporation so why is it running 24/7 the complete and utter farce of the American presidential election ? In a time when people are facing death every day from China Virus I want to know what is happeniong here in Britan - sod America !

355 more deaths yesterday, 23,287 new cases of China Virus and a total of 48,475 victims in hospital, this is what I want to know about not two geriatrics trying to become president. Assuming Biden wins and assuming he serves two terms that will make him 85 years old when he leaves office. What is the pension age in America ?

What is all this rubbish in the BBC's reality TV farce dipping into counts of secret ballots, revealing the trend and taking decades to process the count ? Have you noticed how predominately fat people are being used to count votes ?  America gave us the word juggernaught, perhaps these counters should all wear a sign DANGER WIDE LOAD. If normal size people counted a result would have been achieved days ago. But that would not give The Bullshit Broadcasting Corporation its reality TV spectacular would it ?  Whichj will come first, the announcement of a new president or an end to China Virus ?

On now to more important things.

Yesterday I spent time in the beautiful Stowe National Trust gardens near Buckingham. Since the onset of China Virus I have been visiting this jewel in the National Trust Crown. This is the first project undertaken by Lancelot Capeability Brown. Limiting numbers it has been possible to keep Stowe open. I am not into formal gardens nor houses but I love the vast open parkland spaces within The national Trust. Indeed Stowe is the jewel in The National Trust crown. When it comes to biodiversity Stowe is a world leader.

But The National Trust is in difficulty, it is having to make many people redundant. China Virus is in danger of taking away our heritage.

So what if some silly little nail bar or beauty parlor has to close. In the scheme of this does it matter ?  Isn't it a sad situation where we can not do without McDonald's and Costa ?  I have not consumed alcohol since I was twenty-seven, I am now seventy years old. To me the closing of pubs does not enter into my thinking but I appreciate it does for some.

Too busy with its reality show The Bullshit Broadcasting Corporation has not properly explained the origin of China Virus but it is believed it came from mistreatment of animals. Do you have a dog ?  Do you love your dog ?  China eats dogs. The Bullshit Broadcasting Corporation is now killing all factory farmed mink as China Virus is now to be found among these beautiful animals.

Denmark, I have been to your country. It is a beautiful country with lovely people so what are you doing factory farming animals to kill and turn into coats ?  Not to meantion mink underpants for over-paid BBC reporters and US prsidential candidates. Not to mention XXXXXLarge mink knickers for those slowly counting votes.

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