Friday, 20 November 2020

Love for our NHS is growing

Four o'clock in the morning really is the inspirational hour for me. That's when I get my best ideas !  This moring from sleep to a great idea for the writing project loving our NHS.

5.30am I am here at the laptop. In a few hours time I'll be off to the post office with letters to: University Hospital Milton Keynes, Bristol Childrens Hospital, Luton & Dunstable Hospital, Good Hope Hospital Sutton Coldfield, a letter anc copy of the presentation has already been sent to Stoke manderville Hospital in Aylesbury. Tomorrow letters and presentations go to Sheffield Childrens Hospital, Guys Hospital London and Churchill Hospital Oxford.

If just one hospital gets involved and generates £1,000 of support I will be delighted. If ten become involved and each raised £10,000 for its work I will be over the moon. If fifty get on board and make £10k each I will be pinching myself 24/7 to check it is real.

Do you work in the NHS, have you a special story within your family for a hospital ?  Please tell me so I can invite that hospital to become involved.

I have to get everything onto my website so you can check the details of the project. I will try

to get that done asap.

I need to come up with a catrchy name and a logo for the project. At 4am today I was thinmking of ONE MILLION WORDS OF LOVE.

What do you think.

I did a bit of writing for my book BILLY WESTALL yesterday. This will be my last writing project before hitting the one million words in January. At 4am inspiration hit me for something special to inject into the chapter.

Watch this space.

To conclude let me play for you what will become the anthem for this project. Anotrher space to watch - my YouTube Channel where 1,000,000 words of love will soon publish its version.]

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