Tuesday, 3 November 2020

Living on borrowed time

It's official !  I am now living on borrowed time. Three score years and ten, I achieved man's allotel lifespan yesterday so am now living, officially, on borrowed time.

I had been dreading my birthday yesterday. Now it has been and gone how many years do I have left ?  In these times how many years does any of us have ?

Corona virus, Covid 19 STOP MESSING ABOUT and give this pandemin which is killy people all round the world every day its proper name: CHINA VIRUS.  Why is the world failing to acknowledge what CHINA has done ? If it had been Great Britain, France, Germany or America would the world have been so silent ?

America ?  How can any democracy conduct an election in the facical way Amwerica has conducted its presidential election ?  If you believe that before your eyes a second American civil war is a real possibility.

Britain has raised its alert level for possible terrorist attacks while such are happening in Europe. Further have to be a real possibility.

Against climate emergency and biodiversity the CHINA VIRUS pales into insignificance.

Realistically THE END IS NIGH !

Over the coming four weeks Britain is facing a national lockdown. I would suggest given all the world is facing this is little more thanm sneezing into a thunderstorm.

I have been trying to persuade people to start writing blogs and stories as a way to help them overcome depression in these difficult times.

I am going to write a blog every day during the lock down which starts tonight, I will share it every day and I really want to encourage you to do the same.

You may think that writing about doom and gloom is hardly going to help you overcome anxiety and depression. Now aged seventy am I senile and losing my mind ?

Trust me there is method in my madness !

By inviting you to write such a blog you will, of course, talk about the doom and gloom surrounding your life BUT, and this is the important factor, you will share how you overcome each crisis. Then by sharing your blog you will give support to others, to you readers.

Are you up for that ?

We are all living on borrowed time. Let's turn back the clocks.

Yestwrday I set up an AMAZON PAGE for my own writing. PLEASE CHECK THIS OUT and FOLLOW ME.

Help me make this work then I can help you make it work for your writing.

I am busy working on my latest book THE KA OF TIMOTHY FORD-HAMILTON and will be writing more today. I'll share it with you tomorrow.

So get your pen out, start rattling your keyboard - START WRITING YOUR BLOG.

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