Monday, 30 November 2020


I am still reading through In Search Of The Leons filling my mind with ideas ready for when it is re-published as part of 

Yesterday while I was writing a very special memory came to me.

At one time it was planned that I should be a live kidney donor for Rebekah. I went through many tests and all was set for the dual operations to happen at Guys Hospital in London. There was even going to be a television documentary made.

Leon School's board of governors gave me a full term of paid leave. A contract for the term was given to former deputy head Barry Marsden to take my classes. PE teacher Trevor Garner took over my role as head of year.ALL WAS SET.

Or was it. The transplant team the day before the operaation decided the risk to my health was too great and so everything was called off.  I begged and begged and begged for these eminet surgeons to change their minds but in vain. This is the closest I have ever come to having a nervous breakdown. Returning hime from London I did not go outside the house for two days !  What about school ?  What about those who were doing my job and being paid for a term ?

I went to see Headmaster Bruce Abbott who begged me to come back. Former deputy head Barry Marsden was a brilliant teacher but my classes were roits !  Barry ripped up his contract, smiled and left. Trevor Garner's attitude was: If that is your year group then you can keep it. The kids were giving him hell ! So I was to return the next day.

Standing outside the school hall where the 300+ students were seated I was thinking what I

was going to say to them about my return. Walking into the hall there were murmers of: What's he doing here ?  Why's he back ?  Then as I spoke a giant wave of love roared to the front of the hall and engulfed me. For days I swam through the sea of love. My beautiful teenage students loved me, supported me and stopped me having a breakdown.

When IN SEARCH OF THE LEONS is republished with an appendix of updates that little anecdote will be included.

We got something right at Leon School back then didn't we. Something the present-day school and no school anywhere i  the country has.


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