Tuesday, 10 November 2020



If I had £1 for every time I have said smart phones are designed by idiots to be used by fools I would be a multi billionaire !

Just incase you are the one peron in humanity who has missed out on my philosophy let me advise you. A SMART phone is a compensatory aid. If you break a leg y our doctor will  give you a crutch to help you walk, if you are hard of hearing you have a hearing aid, if your sight is less than 20/20 you wear glasses. IF YOU ARE TOTALLY THICK AND STUPID YOU CAN COMENSATE BY USING A SMART PHONE.

Smart phones designed by stupid geeds for thick-brained users.

I do not use a stupid smart phone and NEVER will. However, I do use a basic mobile phone for convenience. I make and receive calls together with the odd text. Each day I turn my phone off round about four in the afternoon then switch it on again round about six in the morning. When my Nokia refused to charge I ordered a replacement from Amazon, the exact model I have been using a number of years.

Not content with screwing people who are stupid enough to want a smart phone the geeks have attacked we more intelligent folk. Downgrading upgrades have set the phone to use predicted text. NO mention at all within the destruct ions aka instructions as to turn it off. Going to the Nokia website the instructions are to open SETTINGS - ok done that. Now go to DICTIONARY - Nokia IDIOTS there is no dictionary within your settings ! 

Trying to add numbers to the phone and typing in Ann the Nokia geeks turn this into Comma. It is IMPOSSIBLE to put in the name Ann. Let me try now my own name: David. This is how Nokia thinks the word is spelt: Fattigie.


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