Friday, 27 November 2020

A punch between the eyes

The 4am moment today was a punch between my eyes. It is strange how every day I wake around this time and inspiration hits me for the coming day. I have to admit that I turned over and slept for a couple more hours but my mind is full of that metaphoricval punch so my laptop will be moving into overdrive today.

Yesterday I wrote another 826 words for my latest story BILLY HARDCASTLE. For 2021 and our MILLION KISSES project I need to average 2,740 words a day but as I explained in an earlier post I am trying to do something a bit different with this book and so I have to think carefully before placing any word into any paragraph.

The punch between the eyes this moring was a serendipity moment giving me the ending to the story. When someone reads the story that ending will also punch between their eyes.

I will probably finish the book today, if not I will put the final full stop in place tomorrow.  Publication will then be on Monday 30th November.  Strictly speaking this will be a short story rather than a full length novel. The word is novalette.

This will be my last work of 2020, I plan to spend December researching material for the 2021 MILLION KISSES project.

Yesterday I received a text message from NHS Blood And Transplant saying the recent pint of blood I donated has been used at Papworth Hospital in Cambridge. Papworth is the country's number one transplant hospital specialising in heart and lung transplant. Today I will write to Papworth and send them a presentation inviting the hospital to join the project.

The presentation runs to 21 pages so printing inkm paper and binding means a cost of around £4. Postage is £1.50.  I am meeting costs for the project, all costs, from my 

own pocket so selling a few books from my AMAZON BOOKSHELF is a help. Yesterday I sold 6 copies of my quiz book.

When Billy Westall is published I will set the e-book download at 77p from which my royalties will be 20p. I am going to promote it using income to help finance the project.

The week after next, once lock down is over, I am going to visit the home of Agatha Christie, the all time best selling author, soak up the atmosphere ready to include that along with 


Throughout the project every book I sell will give 50% of the royalties to the hospitals within the project and 50% to help cover costs.

On Monday I am going to send a reminder letter to each hospital - that will cost £10 - need to sell 50 books to cover the costs of the letters.

ANYWAY - getting a bit bogged down - move on.

The first book to be published in 2021 blowing kisses of love to our NHS will be re-publishing IN SEARCH OF THE LEONS which was published in 1991. Thirty years ago.

I am a bit disappointed that even though 26

people yesterday read the blog page nobody gave me a Leon memory to include in the book. Sad that.

Oh well - what a shame - never mind.

So watch this space .........................

MONDAY Billy Westall will be punching you all between the eyes at 77p per download.

Now where was I ?

Oh yes.

Let me explain that I have written this story for  my grandson Adam. Adam is bright beyond his years so it will work for him. However, I think it would work best for older teenagers and for adults.

Get you 77p ready.

To embarass Adam here is something he and I did together four years ago.

He he he !

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