Wednesday, 18 November 2020

2021 - I want to donate my life to the NHS

2020 THE YEAR THAT NEVER WAS Doubly hard for me as this was the year when I officially became an old man. I am not living comfortably with that I can assure you.

When The Beatles had a hit in the magical year of 1967 with WHEN I'M SIXT FOUR it was impossible for me to conceive being that age. Now I would give anything to be sixty-four.

2021 ?

I the year 2021 I am going to donate my life to the NHS.

For the past week I have been working on a plan which will see me writing ONE MILLION WORDS across the entire year. These will then be published in TWENTY-FIVE  e-books on Amazon.

Barbra Cartland holds the record writing 23 books in a single year. By writing an average of 2,740 words a day. I can easily manage to write that number of words in a day - BUT EVERY DAY FOR 365 DAYS ?

I want to invite people to sponsor my writing by making a donation to UNIVERSITY HOSPITAL MILTON KEYNES.  On Friday I will be contacting the hospital's Chairman inviting acceptance of my idea. The hospital will set up the donation system and manage all the money. I can not both write and manage the donations.

I then want to invite other hospitals to set up their own donation programmes and lock them into my writing. ANY and EVERY hospital accross the country can link in but initially I plan to invite hospitals where I have a personal connection.

1.     Good Hope Hospital Sutton Coldfield

2.    Sheffield  Childrens Hospital

3.    Birmingham Childrens Hospital

4.    Bristol Childrens Hospital

5.    Stole Manderville Hospital

6.    Luton And Dunstable Hospital

7.    Churchill Hospital – Oxford

8.    Guys Hospital London

PLEASE if you have any conmtact with any hospital in the country TELL ME so an invitation can be issued to the hospital.

If an individual hospital can generate 1p sponsorship for every 10 words I write that would be £1,000 and that is the target I am setting.

However, I am hoping that each hospitakl can generate sponsorship of 1p for every word so bringing in £10,000.

The invitations go out at the end of this week inviting those hospitals which want to get involved to indicate so by FRIDAY 18th DECEMBER. 

So do you have a connection with a hospital ? Do you work in a hospital ? Please get in contact with me and let's help bring it into the project.

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