Monday, 26 October 2020

What was the number one record on the day you were born ?

What was the number one record on the day you were born ?  For me on 3rd November 1950 it was Frank Sinatra singing Goodnight Irene.

I do remember whehn I was a little bit older than Year Zero my Dad singing it to me at bedtime.

So what was your number one ?  CLICK HERE and the link will take you to a simple charts website where you can check your own birthday hit.

So what was it ?

You did CLICK HERE and check didn't you ?

Here's mine.

Hardly rock and roll !  But this is, seventy years later Bristol Rovers use the song as its club anthem. 

Some years ago I had a lot of fun checking out hits on the days of my birthdays. I ceretainly have some iconic music to play on my birthday. Here's one, a very special song.

Go on have a go for your own birthdays. You will find it a lot of fun.

From this music I have taken memories from three decades and written e-books using those memories and their music.

For the 1950's I have written YOU NEVER GROW OLD WITH ROCK AND ROLL

For the next decade I invite you to SWING THROUGH THE SIXTIES

I am right now working on the DISCO SEVENTIES which I think I will have finished in about ten days time. Honestly it has been a lot of fun.

Here's a picture of me taken in the 1970's

And here's a birthday hit from my 27th birthday.

Go on have a bitb of fun checking out your own birthday hits !

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