Tuesday, 6 October 2020

Time To Be Positive


Wednesday 7th October 2020

Here I am sitting in the studio of Radio CRMK in one hour I will be broadcasting live to the world, fingers crossed I have a big audience.

As I write this diary page I am listening to the tracks I have prepared to play. D I S C O from Ottawan has just come to an end, time now to listen to THANK YOU VERY MUCH from the Scaffold, did you know that Paul McCartney's brother Peter is a member of that group.

For two hours I am going to play music for those who have gone that extra mile to support us all over the past however many months we have had to put up with the pandemic.

I do know that a certain Boris and his little mate Donald will be listening in, I have a special request for them: The Birdie Song from The Tweets - TWEETS FOR THE TWITS !

During the show while I am playing the music I will be signing SMILE CARDS. Then I will be sending them to everyone I have included in the Disco of Love.

I am playing music for FRONTINE NHS workers,  The Food Bank, Piggie Alfie and all at Curly Tails, my pavement buddies and an organisation MK9 Collective working with love to support these vulnerable people, The Fire Brigade, our Police Service, our Schools, Wild Life at every level as mankind is working like crazy to destroy our planet. I will be playing music for Postman Pat, for our amazing Bin Men, for residents and staff in care homes and for family pets who are giving so much love to families at this time.

I have disco lights filling the studio with coloured lights.  I can't wait to play the first track. To bring this blog to an end, as I publish it I am going to play Boris and Donald's song: TWEETS FOR THE TWITS - The Birdie Song.

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