Thursday, 8 October 2020

Postman Pat


Thank You Postman Pat not only for being there day in day out, come wind, come rain, come shine delivering our letters and parcels but THANK YOU for what you are going to do today delivering SMILES.

These are the SMILE cards I signed during last week's radio show THE DISCO OF LOVE and the week before R OCK AND ROLL which I dedicated to university students who are in lock down.

I have just beenw atching the news where one person speculated it will be well into 2022 before this current mess comes to an end. At times I feel very low and depressed by it all and become so angry over the factv that our prime minister is failing to show the leadership we need but I am trying to put this to one side by being positive and doing positive things.

The good causes I was working with have all gone away but using my music and SMILES I am trying to support others. Today SMILE CARDS are going to University Students, The Food Bank (3 locations) Curly Tails Pig Rescue, Pavement Buddies, The Fire Service, The Police Service, NHS, Oakgrove School which has 2 staff and 70 students right now in self-issolation, The National Trust, our amazing Bin Men and Care Home staff and residents.

I have now written the playlist for next Wednesday's radio show which will set out to generate SMILES OF LOVE for the planet we live on.

My ep-book SWINGING THROUGH THE SIXTIES is selling well. Yesterday I went through the draft of YOU NEVER GROW OLD WITH ROCK AND ROLL - OMG three typo's for every word written.  I need to work on the document and get it published asap. Let's aim for Tuesday next week and hope this brings lots of smiles to everyone who reads it. I am itching to startb work on the third book in the trilogy: LIFEV IS A DISCO SO DANCE - DANCE THROUGH THEC DISCO 70's. Since lock down I have written something like 400,000 words. That is not including tjis daily blog !

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