Thursday, 22 October 2020

Meet the new Elvis

In my e-book YOU NEVER GROW OLD WITH ROCK AND ROLL I say that an acorn of music was planted in  the 1950's from which the giant oak tree of Rock and Roll has grown.

I have now planted my own oak tree of music. Can I tell you all about it ?

On my regular visits to Stowe Landsacape Gardens near Buckingham each week I have been colelcting acorrns. Stowe was the first projects for Lancelot Capeability Brown, it was under his direction the trees from which I harvested my acorns were planted.

Next I checked up on-line how to plant an acorn.

Following carefully those instructions here is my musical acorn from which my own oak tree of rock and roll will grow.

I am sure you can pick out the acorn I selected to nurture. In
my writing Elvis Presley features several times so I am calling my little acorn Elvis after The King of Rock and Roll.

Here is Elvis at home in his new growing pot. That flowerpot is sitting on myb kitchen windowshelf where I will lovingly care for it until it starts to grow.

It takes three hundred years for an oak tree to grow to full height so I doubt I will live long enough to see this happen.

Shall we play something for Acorn Elvis from his mentor The King of Rock and Roll. How about this ?

When Elvis grows too big to live in his present home I plan to ask The Milton Keynes Parks Trust to adopt him and plant our little oak tree of music into a forever home.

Let me turn to another Oak Tree - The Tattenhoe Oak. In my book MILTON DREAMS THE CITY THAT NEVER WAS I talk about The Tattenhoe Oak.

This is the oldest living thing in Milton Keynes. If only it could talk what could it tell us ? When was it planted ? Who plantwed it ?  W hat has it seen over the centuries ? What will our Elvis be able to say when it is as old as The Tattenhoe Oak ?

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