Monday, 5 October 2020

Is mankind destined for extinction ?


I have been writing blog pages since December 2016, this is my 1,219th post. Since I started writing 110,917 people have cast their eyes over my scribble. I am currently writing diary pages not so much to put down what had happened but how I feel about that which has happened. Yes, people are reading what I write and at the end of the year I plan to publish everything as an e-book on Amazon. I am not doing this to achieve a vast readership and to make big money from that e-book, I am writing what I hope will become a cyber time capsule with readers opening it in a minimum of one hundred years time.

So how am I feeling today ?

Is mankind destined for extinction ? That is uppermost in my mind right now. I do not think we are actually facing extinction but life is going to change big time, indeed it has changed. Normality I do not think will return. If we emerge with an attitude of failure is not an option then bring it on BUT we are refusing to let go of failure is the norm.  Indeed we are increasing it.

All this failure to identify 1,6000+ covid positive contacts its, let's face it, down to a failure of Microsoft Excel. Don't make excuses about it not being the latest upgrade. Where is Microsoft ? AMERICA.  Which world leader is trashing common sense and leading the way when it comes to ignoring social distancing and mask wearing ? President Trump - AMERICA.

Yesterday I suggested the world should put an iron curtain around China, perhaps we should do the same for The United States of AMERICA.

Perhaps we should have a national lottery to pick the date when normality will return. I think I will select 1st July 2027.

What should we do with the money the lottery tickets generate ?  Do not waste it in such as Eat Out To Help Out which I am sure contributed towards this second spike. Invest it in biodiversity projects. Never mind the pandemic global warming and biodiversity WILL make mankind extinct.

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