Wednesday, 23 September 2020

Thumbs Up and Thumbs Down

I find it a bit sad that my publication of MILTON DREAMS THE CITY THAT NEVER WAS did not immediately grab attention. The promotion programme is running and I do hope that I will encourage some readers to spark the dream. 

I contacted every member of Milton Keynes Council sharing the dream but not a single one gave me the courtesy of a reply. That's typical, sadly, of Milton Keynes Council.

Swinging Through The Sixties will be published any day now. I though yesterday that I had completed the final check of my draft.

I had asked Sutton Coldfield Town Council for a little bit of help with one area. IMMEDIATELY staff got back with the help I needed.

Now I have an e-mail from a member of the council who has gone out of his way to give me some additional information.  Today I will work that into the text ahead of publication.

Thumbs up to Sutton Coldfield Town Council. Thumbs down to Milton Keynes Borough Council.

Have you read MILTON DREAMS THE CITY THAT NEVER  Do you share my dream ?

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