Saturday, 5 September 2020

The Devil Uses Facebook

When I was an older teenager I loved reading the supernatural stories of Dennis Wheatley - The Devil Rides Out, The Ka of Giffard Hillary, To The Devil A Daughter and so on.

In all the years I have been writing stories I have never written a horror tale, I tried once but gave up. 

Five or so years ago I put out on Twitter a survey to find out the genre pf fiction people enjoyed the most. The answer was a clear - CRIME FICTION. I had never written a crime story before but had a go. I found I loved it. On my Amazon Bookshelf I now have two crime books:

I have an idea  to combine crime and horror in a story THE DEVIL USES FACEBOOK or perhaps that could be THE DEVIL IS FACEBOOK.

I HATE Facebook but its evil has penetrated society and is controlling the lives every day of billions it is hard to escape it.

I stopped using Facebook at the end of May but last week started to gently return.

I walked away from Facebook after it TWICE suggested I should become friends with my daughter who died in 2017.  If that is not EVIL, if that is not the work of the devil then what it.

I joined Facebook in 2016 to use it to promote my writing. Yesterday I submitted my three new books to Amazon, all were immediately accepted and while I am not going to start promoting sales until Monday 14th September the e-book versions are already available:

However, I am backing off again from Facebook, a couple of posts made by people in a "group" I belong to angered me so much that I have given Facebook the finger until my launch day of 14th September.

Cows is simply a re-print of my 1994 book, Dreams is its sequel. I found writing Pip Diamond at the same time as Dreams enhanced things. Totally different genre, writing one gave a time of relaxation from the other.

Tte books accepted by Amazon and my now moving to promoting them I have started to make notes extensive notes, for a new work SWINGING THROUGH THE SIXTIES. I have a
plan to write this in a bit of a unique way and to share every day on this blog.

This will be the middle book in a trilogy with:




I am guessing it may take me at least six months to write the trilogy.

I was speaking with a friend yesterday about the hurt Facebook caused to me. He wisely said that in the eyes of Facebook I am just a piece of dirt. The organisation feeds off billions every day so why would it care or take any notice of one it has offended.

As I write my musical trilogy perhaps I could write THE DEVIL USES FACEBOOK. If that could some how become a best seller than revenge would be sweet.

What do you think ?

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