Tuesday, 29 September 2020

Extinction of the bumble bee



Last night I watched an excellent TV programme explaining why the humble bumble bee is in danger of becoming extinct.

This on the same day when there has been a frightening number of new covid 19 cases and an alarming rise in the death rate.

The pandemic that China has given to the world is the biggest issue the world has faced for generations. Or is it ?  Birds, animals, insects and plants are facing extinction. If the bumble bee becomes extinct then the food supply will be in danger.

When was the last time you saw a bumble bee ? When was the last time you saw a butterfly ?  When was the last time you saw a ladybird ?  When was the last time you heard a cuckoo ?  When as the last time you saw a swallow ?  Go into any school and ask children there what a swallow, cuckoo are. Swallow - when you swallow a drink.  Cuckoo - that's a drug dealer !

Climate emergency, biodiversity, covid 19. Humanity is under attack. Humanity is under attack from its own self-generates folly. The bumble bee hasn't caused any of this.

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