Wednesday, 30 September 2020

Bumbling Boris is Captain Mainwaring


Did you watch silly Boris Cummings - Johnson's briefing on TV last night ? Immediately it finished Maureen and I watched a DVD of Dad's Army. The resemblance was uncanny. POMPUS, BUMBLING, SELF-IMPORTANT, BUFFOONS both of them. The only difference being Captain Mainwaring does not have any hair on his head while Boris has his dyed blond mop.

If things were not so desperately serious this would be a hideous joke.

A bigger joke that our leader can be found on the other side of the Atlantic Ocean. Have you seen clips from the presidential election ? To vote for either candidate would be to push the destruct button.

When will this pandemic end ? Who knows but one thing is certain the likes of Donal Trump and Boris Johnson's incompetence is extending it.

I have joked that I will write a book: THE DEVIL USES FACEBOOK. Yesterday I opened a single website, just a sing page for no longer than one minute, to find a local company which could take away a car for scrap. When I later in the day opened facebook I was bombarded with adverts telling me about local scrap dealers !

Boris Johnson and Donald trumps are just idiots in positions of power while FACEBOOK IS EVIL.

Waking up in bed this morning a plot for such a book came into my mind. Central to this is EVIL IS GOOD - TRUTH IS FICTION. The central character will be an angel of satan, I want to play around with words: Judas, Peter and Mark (Zuckerberg) and come up with an anagram to  give our angel a name.

It won't just be facebook but all social media the angel uses to attack humanity. I have used Google Blogger for more than four years. What kind of brainless, geeky idiot has designed its new format. It is so full of flaws and so difficult now to use. Possibly the same satanic angel of geek that redesigned facebook.

The Devil Uses Facebook ?  The president of the United States uses Twitter, of course he does - HE IS A TWIT. When Boris bumbles his was through demonstrating he did not understand his own covid regulations he turned to Twitter to initially apologise. THE DEVIL USES FACEBOOK, you bet he does BIG TIME !

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