Wednesday, 23 September 2020

American Cyber Hackers ! 24th September 2020

Thursday 24th September 2020:
Yesterday another 6,178 confirmed cases of the virus, up from 4,926 on Tuesday. 37 deaths each one of them a loved individual and not a statistic in our government's record of failure !

I will talk about that sad situation in a moment but first let me bring you something else.

Recently, when considering Russia hacking into western computer systems President Trump said more importantly we should consider China. A fair comment, after all didn't China give the world corona virus ?  Would you trust China ?  I wouldn't. But WOULD YOU TRUST AMERICA ?  On a daily basis American companies hack into your computer and my computer on a daily basis.

Since Microthick aka Microsoft's latest hacked in update I now have programmes which do not work properly in the way they did. Facebook has destroyed its format with the new style it thinks is better than the easy to use traditional system. It's face recognition software I would suggest is dangerous.

Googley !  YouTube. YouTube adverts are designed to frustrate and anger users. I would never, ever buy from a Google Ad and I would never use the platform myself to advertise. More sinister - consider this.

YouTube is used by children and teenagers so why are gaming sites allowed to advertise ?  Why is there an ad with a bare chested woman advertising bra pads ?

Compared to The United States of America China and Russia are saints. Got that have you Mr Trumpey ?

Back to Britain and our own failing government. What will the figure be today for confirmed cases ?  Can anyone explain to me how just by cutting an hour off pub opening will control the spread of the virus ? Close the pubs entirely and that would make a difference but even then we need more measures.

I don't have a lot of time for politicians, let's face it they are a lower life form, but I am starting to respect some of the things Kier Starmer says. When he said we needed a better patriotic spirit within our nation to get us through the virus that is so very trues. Yesterday he said that Boris Johnson does not have the ability and personality to lead us through the crisis. How spot on accurate is that ?

What we need is to temporarily set aside devolution, to have one United Kingdom with a government of national unity headed by Nicola Sturgeon a lady who talks sense, can communicate and above all cares !

What will be the figure for positive tests today ?  How will Bonkers Boris react to that ?

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