Sunday, 27 September 2020

A Government Of National Unity

Monday 28th September 2020
Given the shambolic way in which Boris Cummings-Johnson and his cronies are mismanaging the corona virus pandemic surely the way forward has to be with a United Kingdom government of national unity.

Devolved governments need to be suspended for the duration. Nicola Sturgeon should be the new Prime Minister of The UNITED Kingdom with the first ministers of Wales and Northern Ireland as joint deputy prime ministers ?

Boris Johnson ?  Make him UK Ambassador to The North Pole and let him take up residence there.

I may sound as if I am joking but I am not. 435,000 cases as of yesterday with 41,998 deaths. Those figures are so large they can not be comprehended. On 24th September there were more recorded cases than at the peak of the pandemic in the Spring.

We can not sit around and dabble with measures, introducing one failing test system after another. Unity is what is needed and that can not include Boris Cummings-Johnson. Patriotism, leadership, inspiration has to be at the centre of life.

If something dramatic such as a UK Government of National Unity how many more REAL people, loved people, within the statistics are going to suffer and die ?

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