Tuesday, 4 August 2020

What the heck !

Tuesday 4th August 2020 - What the heck is going on ?

So I can go out and eat somewhere then claim a £10 discount on the food I buy ?  £10 which the taxpayer, you and I, will have to pick up !

Not just from a local business but the government is expecting the taxpayers to subsidise eating a multi-billion pound chains the likes of: BURGER KING !   COSTA COFFEE !  SUBWAY !  CAFFE NERO !  KFC !  McDONALD'S !  NANDO'S  PIZZA EXPRESS  PIZZA HUT  PRET A MANGER  TGI FRIDAYS

From where I am looking this is a MAD MAD WORLD. I may be forced to pay towards the subsidy in my taxes but I most certainly will not be ripping off you via you tax bill as I eat out.

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