Monday, 17 August 2020

Today ? Roll on tomorrow !

4.45am and here I am in the studio of RADIO CRMK - 6am and I will hit the world with Tuesday Terrific Tunes.

If I make it through to the end of the day it will be great but trust me I will be knackered ! 

K - N - A - C - K E - R - E - D 

That could be a good title for a song couldn't it ? Could be a Terrific tune for me to play on a Tuesday.

Hey I had a fabulous day with my two grandson's yesterday - Adam and Oliver.

Oliver sat with me and surfed YouTube. I picked out a song with his name.

Oliver, better known as Ollie, is the younger. Adam is his big brother, Adam was not impressed when I played something for him from Adam And The Ants.

By the way I have set up a new e-mail address for my writing:

Who is going to be the first to hit me with a message ?

Back from the studio, time to grab a bite of breakfast then it's time to take my best friend Jake to the vet to have his claws clipped.  He stood on my bare foot the other evening and I can tell you from personal pain his nails need big time clipping !

Let's play a song for Jake. What should I play ?  I know, how about this ?

I have changed the publication date for my three books: Milton Dreams The City That Never Was, Not The Concrete Cows and Getting To Know My Granddad.

These will now be published on Monday 14th September.

I have almost finished checking the final draft of Milton Dreams The City That Never Was.  62,736 words.

Not The Concrete Cows his is the second book in what I want to make my Milton Keynes Trilogy. The cows was originally published in 1994, I am busy working to re-publish it on Amazon on Monday 14th September.

I typed the original text using an early word processor, now all I have to do is to read it to my laptop where Microsoft types it up. On average there are five typo's to every four words. I have to read a couple more chapters today.

There's a lot of Milton Keynes iconic music in both Not The Concrete Cows and Milton Dreams The City That Never Was. Ahead of publication I want to put fourteen tracks on to my YouTube channel.

Fancy a bit of Milton Keynes iconic music ?

How about David Bowie at The Bowl ?

Yeh, let's play that shall we ?

2pm to 4pm I have an on-line training session preparing to one day take on chairing a council committee. I will need to be on my best behaviour !

I will try !

Oh, I forgot. Here's something from Getting To Know My Granddad. BTW it is in today's radio playlist.

Then I have to attend my blood donor session.  That means I have to drink loads all day. Ok
great but that council training session is two hours and at 7.30pm I have a full council meeting. You should see the agenda !  If it is over by ten I will be amazed. Amazed and totally knackered !

I am going to play something else from Getting To Know My Granddad.

I have written 41,324 words for this story so far.

So there you go ?  What are you up to today ?  Want to swap places ?

Speak again  tomorrow.  That is if I wake up after today.

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