Saturday, 15 August 2020

No sex please - WE ARE BRITISH

I am being ambitious I know but I am planning to publish THREE books on Monday 7th September.

I have been working to update my website and start promoting the trio. Check it out !

My book MILTON DREAMS THE CITY THAT NEVER WAS is in its final stage of draft checking. You can read four sample chapters:

Wartime Milton Keynes
Newporto Pagnellio
Education A Gift For Life
Iconic Music

on the website.

I am now trying to make a plan to promote and sell the book. Top selling writers on Amazon all make way in excess of a million pounds a year,  I need to buy myself a new car, quite fancy an Aston Martin so I had better get on and set up a major sales campaign.

Milton Dreams is the second in what I want to be a Milton Keynes Trilogy. The original work NOT THE CONCRETE COWS has been out of print for years. I am, therefore, working like crazy to bring it back on Amazon.

When the original was published in 1994 I typed up the text using an early word processor. To republish I am using a typically rubbish Microsoft product. I read the book to my laptop and a semi-literate algorithm turns it into words. Great but it takes hours and hours to eliminate  the typo's !

The Third book, and I am having great fun with this is GETTING TO KNOW MY GRANDDAD. That is where the No Sex We Are British comes in. 

Our central character, Pip, and his slightly older brother, Alex, are in San Francisco. There they meet Donna, both fancy her. Across the past few chapters Alex has been teasing Pip that he is a virgin. Alex is as well if truth be known. They are with their grandfather who reminds them NO SEX PLEASE WE ARE BRITISH.

Check out the writing of Max Robinson.

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