Tuesday, 25 August 2020

Milton Keynes Icons Of Music

As I head towards the publication date for MILTON DREAMS THE CITY THAT NEVER WAS on Monday 14th September I am preparing some musical collections for different chapters. Today I broadcast two hours of iconic music from MK.

Fancy a listen ?  CLICK HERE

Why Monday 14th September for the publication date ?

That is EXACTLY twenty-eight years since my very first book PETER'S MAGIC FOUNTAIN PEN was published.#

Milton Dreams will be my 22nd book on my Amazon bookshelf.

MILTON KEYNES THE CITY THAT NEVER WAS ?  On 1st January 1967 Harold Wilson's government announced that an area of land in North Buckinghamshire was designated for
the building of a new city. The city was built but was never awarded a city charter so we are just The Borough of Milton Keynes. As I take my readers on a kaleidoscope through our now 53 year old Milton Keynes I want to inspire everyone to catch the dream and work to make Milton Keynes - The City That Truly Is.

Will you catch the dream ?

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