Sunday, 16 August 2020

Grades - how would you grade our government ?

My heart goes  out to the teenagers whose lives are now in chaos as a result of our government's failure to properly award A Level examination.

Politicians of all colours have engineered our justice system to be a national scandal of failure. Instead of crime prevention it is now actively a successful system of crime encouragement.

Government has turned our National Health system from a respected and proud institution into a farce of failure. It is so important to have nail bars and beauty salons open but the government thinks your local GP should shove his stethoscope down a telephone line to examine you.  Applaud our NHS ?  I don't think so !

Now attention turns towards wrecking our education system.  The lives our failing government is seeking to wreck are the lives we need in the coming decade to sort out, correct and mend the failings of Boris Cummings-Johnson and all his rotten crew. No, more than that not just the blithering idiot we have as prime minister but every single politician of every party and at every level. YOU CAN NOT TRUST ANY OF THEM ! We need our teenagers to sort everything and give us a better world to live in.

My heart goes out to these teenagers. Boris Cummings-Johnson thinks he will go down in history as the greatest prime minister since Winston Churchill. NO he will go down in history as the biggest failing politician EVER. The greatest prime minister since Winston Churchill is right now try to sort out his/her examination results !

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