Friday, 14 August 2020

Arse About Face

So all the sad little people who scurried their way abroad for holidays because the arctic temperatures here in Britain were too cold for them are in dire panic and are trying to get home before they are obliged to self isolate.

Oh dear, what a shame, never mind !

Of course in this arse about face country if Dominic Cummings is among the lemmings I doubt he will isolate.

Other than the US of A Britain has to be the worst country in the world at managing the pandemic.

Last week my dog needed a vet appointment - NO PROBLEM. Brilliantly managed and all is well. But you try to get an appointment with your GP and the system requires the doctor to push his stethoscope down the phone line in order to examine you. 

No you can not get medical help as this arse about face government seeks to destroy out NHS.  The government will give you a £10 voucher to spend in a cafe so widening the size of your own arse but at the same time paying lip service to lowering levels of obesity.

This crazy weather we are experiencing, just the same as we experienced last year, is
climate change. Do not pretend it is not. Driving to the radio station early each morning I pass a vast tented area which has been set up as a covid 19 testing centre.  It is a blaze of lights. so bright these illuminations are visible from the international space station !  If the government can not give proper attention to the people it had better do all it can to destroy the planet we people live on.

But what difference should you expect from Balmy Boris Johnson's arse about face government ?

If that image of our prime minister causes you problems vomit bags are available on Amaon.

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