Saturday, 11 July 2020

We live in a totalitarian world

Britain and probably the majority of the world in 2020 is a TOTALITARIAN SOCIETY !

Oh yes it is and when you consider who our BIG BROTHER in Britain is the situation is truly scary !  What about where you live ?

Having escaped Facebook for a whole week I can honestly say that life without its addictive and all-controlling influence is so much better. True I am posting this blog on facebook but will do so remotely, without logging in to its anti-social media platform. My main reason for actually posting this writing on facebook is to get other people to break away from its control, follow my example and tell Mr Z where he can stick his multi-billion dollar, pound, euro and yen enterprise. Come and help me give him a slap across his face(book and free thousands of millions, free them and give them back their lives.

Smart phones are for use by IDIOTS, exclusively for use by STUPID IDIOTS. They are a major contribution to maintaining our totalitarian regime. Do you have a smart phone ? If you do then you are an idiot, a stupid idiot who is propping up this 2020 totalitarian global regime.

There was some guy from BT on television last week saying if we do not use Huawei or what ever stupid name it is then the best we can have for our phones is 2G. Excuse me, can we please have ZERO G. Mobile phones are great for making telephone calls and even to send a text but why do we need them to turn people into zombies with no life outside their phones, no life in the real world.  

What have you got to say about that Mr Z ?  People use smart phones, in truth STUPID PHONES for your platform don't they ?

Let me introduce you to this cool, handsome teenager. That's me !  I grew up in a world without facebook, thicko phones and anti-social media. 

Did I as a teenager live a happier life than do teenagers today ?

Of course I did. I did not live in the totalitarian society are forced to live and grow up in today.

This next picture is how I look today ?

When my father was my age did he have a happier life than I am having ?  If the question can be answered meaning no stupid phones and no anti-social media then most certainly.

I have not even begun to take my anger out on Microsoft and Google. My blood pressure will not stand it right now so that can wait for another day.

However AMAZON stand by  !

Can I introduce you to my teenage autobiography. CLICK AND CHECK THIS OUT.

I am now trying to upload my latest book ESCAPE FROM ARMAGEDDON, a one hundred day blog about lock down. Amazon claims I have not put a tick in a box somewhere within its robotic system. I keep being told to click CONTINUE SET UP but as you can see this button is not linked !

I have never had this problem before so is this a case of a totalitarian society trying to stop me telling the truth ?

Individual people do not exist. In the eyes of the totalitarian masters we are just ticks which need to be shoved into boxes. We do not matter. Things like facebook, microsoft, google and all the rest are mere systems to control and manipulate people.

The easiest way to use these systems is to addict people to use STUPID 1G - 2G - 3G - 4G and god forbid 5G phones. If you have one of these instruments and are totally STUPID continue to use it. If you have any intelligence at all FLUSH IT DOWN THE TOILET !


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