Tuesday, 28 July 2020

To FACE the book or just write it ?

But when I posted of my pain on 21st July guess how many people read the blog ?  TWENTY SEVEN !  Big deal. Shows how much people care.

It will soon be a month since I kicked facebook into touch. I have not logged in but have remotely put up my music and my writing. I will be doing so with this bit of writing.

In these weird times, times of uncertainty, I have been writing thousands of words every day. I am working on two books. Since the start of the pandemic I have published on Amazon SIX books. Numbers seven and eight will be joining the bookshelf somewhere in the middle
of August. 

I want to publish them together on the same day.

For Milton Dreams The City That Never Was I am currently half way through checking the text. I still have to finish the final chapter which I have given the title: MILTON KEYNES THE CITY THAT TRULY IS and I want to write a chapter which was not in my original plan: A ROSE BY ANY OTHER NAME which will celebrate the work of Milton Keynes Parks Trust.

Simultaneously I am writing a fun story all about the music of teenager Pip Diamond. I have been keeping a record over the past week of how many words I have been writing.
12,967    1,875 words written 19th July
14,330    1,366 words written 20th July
16,127     1,917 words written 21st July  
18,359     2,232 words written 22nd July
19,341     982 words written 23rd July
20,526     915 words written 25th July
21,987     1,461 words written 26th July
23,350     1,363 words written 27th July
24,872     1,522 words written 28th July

Both books have a message behind the text. For Milton Dreams that is simple, take all the wonderful things in Milton Keynes - fix the bad things and turn the new city of Milton Keynes into a real city.

As for Pip's story - Getting to Know My Granddad you will have to wait until it is published to find out what its message is.

For this book I think I am only one third of the way through writing but turning out ten thousand and more words a week I am doing ok.

Today Amazon will pay out my royalties for May. Amazon works a couple of months in hand and YES I am taxed at source on my earnings. Amazon believes in everyone paying their dues to the government !

I am expecting my royalties to be around fifty quid.

I write for fun, I do not write for the money. Well I wouldn't mind making some proper money. Who wouldn't ?  

Not specifically for the money although the ten grand would be great to have in my bank
account, I am hoping MILTON DREAMS THE CITY THAT NEVER WAS will sell ten thousand copies. However, when it comes to promoting anything I am completely useless.

In my book GETTING TO KNOW MY GRANDDAD Pip Diamond becomes the biggest pop music sensation ever. Trust me he would not have done that if it had been left up to me to promote his music.

So I know that promoting these two books for me is not going to be easy. Boycotting Facebook will add to that difficulty. Although many people on Facebook did not support me when I published my tribute to our NHS. I am grateful to those who did get behinds me THANK YOU but at the end of the day OUR REBEKAH A STORY OF LOVE FROM OUR NHS was a failure. The biggest failure when it came to support was the NHS itself !

Do I just write these books or do I go back to using Facebook and try to engage social media support for them ?

Honestly, life without Facebook is good but should I return ?

To FACE the book (s) or just write them ?

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