Monday, 6 July 2020


Tuesday 7th  JULY 2020 
As I write the penultimate blog in this lock down series I feel I need to put on record an assessment of the government's handling of the situation.  While I agree with this assessment the word is not mine - SHAMBOLIC.  

That is a very fair assessment but our government has had to balance life and death with livelihood, it has had to balance avoiding corona virus with mental health and welfare. An almost impossible task.

In doing what it has done I do not believe that the government has adequately protected our country but had I been in charge would I have done any better ?  The media, I believe, over that past three months has become a puppet of the government. yesterday there was an armed robbery at a Tesco Local store in a middle class area of Milton Keynes. However, checking the BBC News website no mention at all is made. Everything is about sport returning.

I am finding it hard to see a way through this crisis, the government is shambolic and the media is failing to support the public. There are days when I go to bed hoping all of this is just a bad dream while there are others when I go to bed honestly hoping I will not wake up in the morning.

These blog pages, I hope, explain how I am feeling on a day to day basis. Yesterday I spoke about the day before being a beautiful day. Today how do I feel ?  Confused possibly, my feelings are shambolic.

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