Sunday, 12 July 2020

Microsoft - The World's Biggest Toilet Roll

In considering the totalitarian society in which we live Microsoft has to be the world's biggest toilet roll. However, do not step aside from this metaphor and use the product literally, along with all Microsoft operations it will be full of holes and the most unfortunate of circumstances.

I am going to argue that The Internet - A BRITISH INVENTION and the computer A BRITISH INVENTION are good things but in the hands of those who seek to control the masses within a global totalitarian regime they have been turned to be used as evil tools.

Microsoft, the all-controlling system by which the majority of the world uses the internet is the world's biggest toilet roll.

It hacks into every computer using its failing operating systems to install updates. It is impossible to switch of this hacking. TOTALITARIAN TOILET ROLL.

When you buy a computer fitted with Microsoft Windows it is only part complete. If you want to use that computer properly via Microsoft Windows you have to buy separately the toilet roll bit Microsoft Office. After parting with a rip-off sum of money to buy this sheet of toilet roll you can either install it yourself or pay another rip off merchant like Curry's PC World to wipe the backside of your computer with the toilet roll and install the system.

This is like going to a car dealer and parting with money to buy a car. he then says do you need four wheels to go with the car ? When you say that you do he gives you the option that he will fit them to the car at an extra charge or you can take then away with you and do it yourself !

Have you ever tried to access customer services at Microsoft.  This toilet roll manufacturer employs 151,163 members of staff but not a single one of them in a customer service department. Customer and Service are not words within its lexicon. Neither are the words Beta and Testing.

Beta testing to Microsoft means rolling out the toilet roll onto unsuspecting customers who have paid rip off prices to access its operating system, see what happens then wipe up the mess with its toilet roll.

Bing-Bong !  What's that ?  Some kind of search tool deep within the Microsoft toilet roll which it would have you believe is the best search tool on-line. A blind man on a dark night wearing sunglasses would be more likely to find what he is looking for than the Bing-Bong toilet roll !

In a totalitarian world Microsoft is essential to control the masses, I suggest even more than facebook. Put Microsoft, facebook and an idiot smart phone together and the smiles of the totalitarian masters beam wide.

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