Friday, 3 July 2020

Join with me and celebrate our BOYS AND GIRLS IN BLUE

Friday 3rd July 2020
Join with me and celebrate our BOYS AND GIRLS IN BLUE

Yesterday it was the number one item on the news, this morning it appears to have vanished. Driving back from the radio station this morning I listened to twenty minutes of some guy twittering on about the hotel and aviation industry with the biggest police operation in history not given a mention.

Well I am not letting this matter vanish, I want to use it today on my blog to applaud our gallant boys and girls in blue.

Organised crime, Mr & Mrs Big who think they are above the law. Well not any more !

In the UK's biggest ever law enforcement operation 746 people were arrested. FIFTY FOUR MILLION POUNDS were seized. (Who had the job of counting that lot ?) Seventy- seven firearms and one thousand eight hundred rounds of ammunition were seized. More than two tons of illegal drugs were seized.

This is bound to make a vast difference to society and yet the media thinks removing travel restrictions so people can holiday abroad is more important.

Some are calling tomorrow SUPER SATURDAY as all pretence of social distancing is cast aside to allow pubs to open.  I only hope this does not go down in history as STUPID Saturday. No matter what, our boys and girls in blue will be there RUNNING TOWARDS DANGER to protect us all. How many have been injured, how many have been insulted during recent anti-social activity ?

We have all been clapping to thank our HSN and yes staff did an amazing job but not as amazing as our police.  I sometimes think that if I could have my time again I would like to be a doctor, a surgeon, a transplant surgeon. If I did get my time again I would need to work a lot harder at school to do that. I would like to be a singer, an opera singer or a pop singer, either would be great. If I could turn back the clock and have my time again the one job I would not want to do would be to become a police officer. Why ?  Because I know I just could not mentally handle going to work and having to face each day an unknown series of events so many of which would have tragedy and sadness at their centre.

On my radio show this morning I slipped this into the playlist for our boys and girls in blue.

Returning to the biggest police operation in history, I am passionate about the destruction of lives the evil drug trade takes as norm. One drug dealer within a very short space of time destroys more lives than does every single serial killer since Jack The Ripper. How many lives have been saved through yesterday's operation ?

I am a humanitarian, to me all lives matter but the lives of drug dealers are the exception. I grew up in a society where the death penalty was in force. My father had a friend who was a high court judge, he was the one who handed down a death sentence to Reginald Christie in the 10 Rillington Place Murders.  I have said that I would not object to the death penalty being brought back for drug dealers but if it came to a vote I honestly am not sure.

But I am sure numerous lives have been rescued by yesterday's actions. 

When I see an ambulance on the road with its blue lights flashing I pause and think of its crew and what they are about to face. I can not say I have ever paused to think the same when I see a cop car with its blue lights flashing. However, every time I see a police car cruising along on duty I feel reassured and safe. I firmly support our police but I do not support policing. There is a difference.  Let me explain.

Policing is the system governments (note plural) impose upon operational officers. This is all part of a hideous failing justice system in Britain. A justice system which encourages an 80+% re-offending rate. How frustrating it must be for officers to work within such a system ?  If I were a copper I couldn't cope with that !

To me there are three types of criminal.
1. Those who have bad things as part of their DNA. The serial killer, rapist and paedophile. The only thing you can do with these people is to lock them up, throw away the key and protect society.
2. The silly idiots who through circumstance, stupidity and being in the wrong place at the wrong time get involved in crime from which the failing justice system ensures they become repeat offenders.
3. The Mr Big Criminals who operate as a business. I have before said they do so without fear and without the likelihood of arrest.

Yesterday I was proved to be wrong on count three. 746 have been taken out from their Mr Big role. THANK YOU OUR BOYS AND GIRLS IN BLUE.

Morrissons Supermarket is giving all of its staff a 6% bonus as a thank you for all they have done during the pandemic. Be it for arresting a drunk driver or for taking out 746 Mr Bigs I invite you all reading this today to celebrate and applaud our boys and girls in blue. THANK YOU ALL.

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