Wednesday, 8 July 2020

Facebook is hideous - close it down.

Since lock down I have written and published FIVE books on Amazon. Yesterday I submitted my latest text ESCAPE FROM ARMAGEDDON to Amazon.

The book is a compilation of one hundred daily blogs I have written singe lock down was imposed. Actually I am writing like crazy. I have almost finished MILTON DREAMS THE CITY THAT NEVER WAS and will have that added to my bookshelf by the end of the month.

I just can not wait to start working on a plot I have for DISCOVERING MY GRANDDAD. I am going to have so much fun with that. I just have to finish the last three or four thousand words for Milton Dreams, check the draft for typo's and so on then submit it to Amazon. I am so excited about Discovering My Granddad.

When I wrote the last words in Escape From Armageddon I heaved a sigh of relief. Those words were THE END - For now. The thinking is/was to write another blog when the second spike in the pandemic comes long. That is a blog I hope never to write, I hope we do not get that second pandemic !

However, having got into the habit of writing a couple of hundred words each day it's a bit of a pity to stop. I thought, therefore,  I should continue. I will try to write something each day. I want to share some things about the 2020 outside the pandemic which give my viewpoint on society - the good, the bad and most certainly the ugly.

Today I will start by writing about the ugliest thing in the world today - Thursday 9th July 2020 and that is FACEBOOK ! I am guessing that more people worldwide are addicted to facebook than are to alcohol, gambling and drugs all put together. For the health and sanity of mankind I think it should be closed down immediately.

I must admit that I am still posting my music and my writing on the site but remotely and not logging in.  I have not logged into facebook since last Friday. I am not missing it and most certainly I am not missing constantly being at its beck and call.

The complete and utter rubbish people post on facebook scares me, are these posts an indication of the mentality of society ? There is so much negativity on facebook. There are people posting sexual images which are meant to be jokes, jokes that just are not funny, jokes which sad people post and re-post. What is the point of all this ?  If posts were happy, encouraging and positive then fair enough and there were posts like this in the past but not any longer.

People complain about fake news but facebook is the number one generator of fake news.

Then there are the friends requests which I can only explain as coming from prostitutes. How are these people getting the data to send out friend requests like these ? Am I right in thinking that there are people harvesting profile information then selling it on ?  I have just checked it out, if you are sad enough to part with money in this way you can add "friends" on facebook.

It's early days since I stopped logging in to facebook but I am not missing it. Life is calmer  than it was before. Life is better than it was before.  Is it ?  You bet.  Facebook is hideous. Of course it is. Would the world be a better place without facebook ? Yes. CLOSE IT DOWN. Make 2020 the year facebook vanished from our world.

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